Remember that AOC was an Economics Major? Can she really be this stupid?

AOC is the reason why I think its a good idea that elected officials should be required to take a basic test to assess their level of competency before taking office. This folks is the reason that a majority in congress can’t get anything done and are basically useless. This of course is mostly on the democratic side, but I am sure there are a few like AOC on the Republican side, but no nearly as stupid as her. AOC is basically the poster child of what is wrong with today’s American Universities, that such graduates would embarrass themselves on social media really is showing how far we have fallen.

Boston University Economics graduate confuses/combines Milton Friedman and John Maynard Keynes.

The reaction on twitter is brutal!

My favorite from Thomas Sowell

More comedy gold! The irony here is AOC uses the word “joke”! :rofl:

About 15 years ago I hired a man in his mid thirties who had an economics degree from Rutgers and an MBA from NYU.

At lunch one day I asked him his opinion on Milton Friedman. He had no idea who Friedman was and had very little grasp on supply side economics.

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They should have to take a competency test before being allowed to run for office. It should be one of the first hurdles a potential candidate has to go through before getting their name on the ballot. Of course, this would wipe out 90% of the Democratic party - but I am fine with that outcome.

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AOC is so great.

She is just a machine that rattles off random things that pop into her head, and about a third of the time I’m like “YES THAT LOL.”

I think she’s flamed out. The moron that burns twice as bright lasts half as long, and she’s been a moron par excellence . Her own party is rapidly turning against her. And I’ve read she’s been ignoring her own constituents. She needs to start thinking about being re-elected, but she’s too busy spouting her latinx/feminist/climate bullshit and undermining her own party.

She’s done.

The scariest thing about Ocasio is the narrative boomcons have built around her. She’s bad because she’s a COMMUNIST!!! She wants to actually do something about the student loan problem, wants a healthcare system where people don’t just go bankrupt because they broke their back after decades of brutal work for shit pay, wants higher wages, etc.

Obviously, I don’t support this latina semen-demon. Her support of endless immigration and third worlders will undoubtedly hurt Americans, and her policies are probably impossible to implement in a country as inundated with illegals as ours. But the boomer and normiecon tendency (as you see on Fox all the time) is to paint her as an evil communist for holding views that average people actually sympathize with.

Our whole ideology should be based around the concept of nation-as-family. We can’t do this in America to the same extent as most monoethnic European nations, but we should try to make a country where the people generally see themselves as brothers through kin and nationality (which would be the same things). This means that workers’, the physically disabled, and the non-degenerate poor (not on drugs or hopelessly mentally damaged somehow) should be supported. It’s not communism, it’s just making life easier for our own people.

There is no pride or national progress in constantly getting fucked by government, banks, education, or massive corporations. That’s just retarded…and saying so doesn’t make someone a commie.

You have to read the contract to see what’s in it. :wink:

AOC represents change. I’m convinced the GOP is mostly afraid of change.

To them, the singularity is here- technology and society is advancing so fast they can’t keep up. AOC represents that and the generation leading that change.

Her brain poops all the time! Lol! :rofl:

Really? What she wants and what she actually does are two different things. IMO she is all talk like most Progressives and her Social Democratic brand. They call her a communist because she never takes on anyone who opposes her ideas in an open forum to debate and defend them. When she was elected, she didn’t participate in one debate with her opponent. Its the same issue with the Pro Climate Change crowd, they don’t debate the issue in a open forum but rather prefer to create an echo chamber of their pro stance to which telling a lie enough times they begin to believe it and hope others too will catch the wave.

The country as we know it is highly polarized, so the national progress you speak of is hard to achieve when one side is making up charges such as impeachment and Russian collusion creating the deadlock we are currently seeing, and the way we are headed now there is no end in sight when Democrats get a candidate into office the same process will be repeated again. The other part is the fact people are disillusioned by being dependent on government to fix their problems.

Yeah - you are leaving out the fact that shit could’ve gotten done during the first half of Trump’s presidency, but didn’t. The GOP is not blameless here.

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Never said they were so not sure where you equate that in my last statement here.

Yeah - we all know that AOC is an idiot. That’s never stopped me before. Tell me you wouldn’t. Honestly.

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Easy Robertjordan,

Roberts, a startup consultant, started dating Ocasio-Cortez when they attended school together at Boston University. In 2019, the Coolidge Reagan Foundation filed an ethics complaint alleging that Ocasio-Cortez used her campaign to funnel money to Roberts.

If you can’t find legitimate scholarships ( THAT YOU ACTUALLY DESERVE ) or work your way through college, you probably shouldn’t waste your time. Actually working your way through school is quite the incentive to succeed. You don’t want piss away money you broke your back to earn. Monumental difference from draining parents or drowning in student loan debt.

She’s absolutely getting primaried and could very well lose. We will see if her constituents are stupid enough to elect her a second time.

That’s because college is largely about simply regurgitating what ever the professor wants to lecture about.

AOC does represent change. Change for the worse. She made sure her voters were against high paying warehouse jobs I believe from Amazon. Correct me if I’m wrong.
It’s amazing how someone with a brain of Silly Putty can influence a political party.

Were you making between 60k and 100k disposable when you went to college?

Getting students out of crippling debt and into the workforce with disposable incomes that they are able to spend will boost the economy.

Only the most dogmatic, bootlicking, boomer could be opposed to this.