Reasons why the Supreme Court should overturn all gun laws

  1. It has fundamentally changed our culture.
  2. It’s allowed an invasion.
  3. Turned our once proud urban areas in to third world country .
  4. Stoped us from engaging in constitutionally protected free speech activity.

Feel free to keep adding to it. I will file a motion to over turn all gun laws…

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If you want the country back we must challenge the current laws on the books that control our right to bear arms.

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Anything you need brother you let me know !

Are you a lawyer? We need more challenges to these laws.

Actually a real estate lawyer in Norway.

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Wow that’s pretty awesome

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First you change your avatar to Jesus, then you pretend with your Pseudo account that you are a lawyer in Norway! What will the Jizzer think of next in order to get attention?

Stop derailing the threads , you over emotional buffoon

Good read for your soul.

Naah… just a dumb ass in New England. :rofl:

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