Reagan Wouldn’t Survive In Today’s Idea-Free GOP

Bob Dole once said, “Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon wouldn’t be welcome in today’s Republican Party because they all had ideas and positive agendas”

Not sure if this is entirely true. Today’s GOP certainly has ideas – and in their own view, a positive agenda.

The governing idea of the modern GOP is that government is bad in virtually all its aspects and should be shrunk and disabled, and that once this has been accomplished, more freedom and prosperity and (presumably) happiness will result.

In order to accomplish this they have adopted an insurgency strategy – destroy the government from within. So they get elected and then, once inside, muck everything up as much as possible (filibuster, disabling federal agencies, eroding tax revenues, etc.)

This approach may come off as negative but in fact it’s only tactically so – from an “idea” viewpoint, it’s positive.

A more precise appraisal would be that Nixon, Reagan, and Dole operated at a time when there was a broad consensus in both parties – dating to the 1940s – that government could, in various ways, be a positive force in society. In the last twenty years, the GOP has abandoned that belief in a wholesale way, and that’s why those former GOP stalwarts would no longer be accepted in the party, IMO.

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Republicans have spent the better part of 10 years not just telling Americans that they didn’t like Obama’s ideas or plans but brutally painting him as an enemy of this country. Now that we are accurately portraying Trump as an ACTUAL enemy of the country and the people…the GOP just can’t take it. It’s only been a little over 2 years and they just can’t take the heat or the justified criticism.

For context, Dems opposed George Bush on almost every domestic issue, and did so resoundingly at times when you think about the 2005 Bush plan to privatize Social Security. But they never labeled him an enemy of the state that must be stopped at all costs including forcing the country into default or shutting it down altogether if that’s what it takes. That’s why once Bush signed his prized unfunded trillion dollar debt-ridden bill into law, Dems left it alone. It was never an idee fixe; Bush was never a Kenyan socialist with a fake birth certificate who was only in power because of voter fraud and a liberal new world order that gives out free things to minorities.

What we have today is a major political party that enjoys shared governmental powers in this country labeling anything any Democrat touches as a socialist plot to destroy America. During President Obama’s time in office, we were told daily that the President of the United States was an enemy that unless stopped would destroy everything we love about this country. This type of thinking explains what GOP is doing today. Nothing else explains the anger. Nothing else explains the redundant insistence at taking the country to the brink every few months. Think of it this way. What did Lincoln do to save the nation? He nearly destroyed it. That’s how they view themselves. Freedom Fighters ensuring their way of life will be around for their children’s children.


Republican electoral success depend on Low Information Voters voting against their self interests.

Quite obviously, it is the Democrat Party that has switched from “put the country first” to “put the party first”. Gone are the days of such great Democrats as John F. Kennedy and his brother, Bobby.

How do you justify criticism of the economy and the unemployment ratings?

The main criticisms the Democrats think are justified are based on a hoax…bolstered by the fake news media.

The useful idiots on the Democrat Plantation vote for trinkets and suffer being poverty slaves to the Democrat Party forever. It is the Democrats that have destroyed family values and created fatherless homes and crime ridden cities where gang life is “normal”.

The Democrat Party strives to maintain its victim classes so it can continue their claim to have all the solutions.

If racism ever subsides, the Democrat Party will die. That is why the “Reverends” Jesse, Al,Jerimiah and Louis continue to promulgate racial hatred.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Or voters tired of government over reach. Over regulation. Laws that kill the rights of people.

If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance. Encourage more student debt. Open the borders to the world, you bet. low information.

But go with the low information as you continually spew the party line from CNN/MSNBC.

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How quickly do the revisionists write!

Remember this?
Bush STOLE the election from Gore. Bush was not legitimate. He was installed by the oil backed illuminati. “Bush lied, thousands died” all for oil. Remember now? King George was not going to give up his throne, Libs said. Remember? "Bush didnt fullfill the legal requirements of his military service contract. " Remember? Remember the forgeries that libs tried to pass off regarding his military service? But you were caught with the forgeries. Remember? Remember how you cast him as incompetent when he had to think about his next actions at 9/11? He was helping a school teacher when that happened. And you loved showing the pictures of him as though he was incapacitated by the news. His wife killed someone on an auto accident. Remember how you publicized that? And oil oil oil. Did I mention… he STOLE THE ELECTION?

Looks like we caught YOU in a lie. Typical lib.

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Reagan would fit right in with today’s GOP. He granted amnesty and folded on immigration.

He made the mistake of Trusting Tip O’Neal and regretted it to his grave.

He would not make that mistake again.

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Can’t unring a bell.

Regardless…the current GOP, including President Trump, who ran on an anti-immigration platform, seem to be comfortably following Reagan’s lead. It’s like a fish to water for the GOP apparently.

Too much libberish in this thread to know where to start.


Then why bother posting at all? Just wanted to drop a turd and roll?

Yeah - I agree though. Reagan was a leftist cuck that screwed over his own country to give amnesty to a bunch of illiterate third worlders. He opened the floodgates and they haven’t been closed since. Yeah - fuck that leftist cuck.

I was washing my hands after flushing.

Reagan wasn’t a leftist but he definitely screwed up on immigration.

I love Trump, but if he cucks on immigration, the Republic is lost forever. When Reagan gave amnesty to illegals, California went blue. If Trump does it, Florida will go blue, and Texas may even go blue. A Republican may never control a branch of office again, and certainly will never control all 3.

The time to MAGA is now, and it starts with putting America first.

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And its the Democrats that are more than happy to allow millions of impoverished uneducated migrants to pour into our country feeding their “Low Information Voters” BS about how they are all here to contribute, while in reality they are overburdening the healthcare, schools, and Welfare systems in the communities they reside in. Liberal economics 101: flooding our nation with poverty is good for the economy.

And you just keep making shit up.

Who exactly in the GOP is proposing we follow the same model Reagan used in 86?

List examples with links if you can.

Reagan did what he thought was right. The border states were drowining in debt due to federal mandates they provide public services for illegals without any compensation.

He was promised many things for going along with amnesty including an end to unfunded mandates and money to finally secure the border. The democrats lied, they got their amnesty but never delivered on their promises.