Read Every Word Of This & Tell Me Why Whites Didn't Burn The Entire State

The Gruesome Story of a Murdered Tennessee Couple You May … You can take the primitive out of the jungle; but you can’t take the jungle out of the primitive. Come on Monte; you seem to be good at rationalizing. This is one of the most heinous hate crimes of the century.

I remember reading that at the time. Nothing but pure evil.

I don’t rationalize murder…:man_shrugging:

That I am sure of; but why, considering the nature of the crime these knuckle draggers committed, why do you suppose whites didn’t level the entire state. Could it be most whites are less primitive? More advanced? When the white guy who drug the black guy behind the truck, was executed, I would have been willing to do the honors. Have all these people been given the death penalty? JimsouthFounding Member


The Gruesome Story of a Murdered Tennessee Couple You May …Something to research people; see if justice is fair & balanced.

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As we have been over ad nauseum, white people have not the American experience that African Americans do, and you will NEVER comprehend this because you are BLINDED by your hatred and bigotry toward African Americans…

But more importantly, to your point about leveling a state (I’ll ignore the hyperbole of the comment) the majority of the looters and rioters and arsons and violent ones are WHITE, anarchists, left and right wing radicals that are not representative of the vast majority that have been protesting injustice, much less Americans as a whole. But again, ALL you see is the African Americans that have committed those crimes…:roll_eyes:

takeaway. whites don’t care about other whites.

I told you I am not biased. Feel free to shoot anyone looting or causing destruction. I also stated waaaaaaaaaaaaay back, it was a surgeon from Ghana who saved my wife’s life. I picked him because he was one of the very best. Maybe a half dozen surgeons on the planet who are that skilled. Saw Dr. Michael Neuwirth; and he was skilled enough. He did the procedure on Gloria Estefan’s spine; but that was only a 3 + hour procedure. My wife’s surgery was 11 hours & 9 vertebrae were involved. It had to be Dr. Boachie. Dr. O Boachie-Adjei: The Ghanaian who is a world leading … Now, do you still believe I’m a racist?

Almost forgot; Dr. Oz did my wife’s ASD heart surgery; and he’s a Muslim.

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OF COURSE I DO. Just because you put your racism on the shelf for a single incident that was obviously very important to you proves nothing. And certainly doesn’t amend for all your endless posting of threads that stereotype and pigeon hole people of color…

I am in total support of any peaceful dignified protest, and expect the police to protect those who are protesting. I just don’t care for sub human behavior. Does that make me a bigot or a racist. God forbid I should voice my opinion of people whose agenda is destruction. Oh, this guy did my wife’s colon surgery. Dr. Indru Khubchandani

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Which if you’re referring to the beating, killing, rioting and looting, there’s as many (perhaps more) white people co-opting the legitimate protests with that anarchy as there are blacks. But again, all you see is BLACK!!!

Just a few posts ago, you said it was the majority who were white. Now it’s 50%, perhaps more. You’re just pulling stuff out of your ass, right?

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I wouldn’t worry about trying to prove you’re not a racist to this twit. He called me a racist in another thread too. Funny enough, my foster daughter which is now 20 said… “Yeah, he needs his ass kicked” when I showed her the post. Damn violent black women. :rofl:

I already have a plan. When I walk her down the aisle when she gets married, I’m going to walk straight up to the kid she marries and pat him on the back and say “Good luck son, you’re gonna need it.” . . . assuming my wife doesn’t threaten to kill me if I do it. :smiley:

Mixed families will eventually end racism but there will still be people crying and screaming racist for a long time because historically, that’s how they’ve managed to get their way.

Words of wisdom .

I already told Monte, shoot “anyone” who is looting & burning. Can’t get more non racist than that.

Lmao, yes, and you can prove every bit of that. The most common comment by racists is, “I’m not a racist, my best friend is black, my sons dating a black girl and I voted for Obama”…

Well, maybe not that last part. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

And I already told you that that is evidence you guys in the FR aren’t really law and order as you masquerade.

If I was breaking into a business - destroying someone’s livelihood; well, I’d expect to be shot; and where I come from, I would be. See that’s one of the reasons that shit does not happen in my neck of the woods. I guess us Coal Crackers ain’t very progressive - not sophisticated like dem city folk. And that bein said, you try breaking into someone’s home or business in my town, well, I guarantee someone will be a riggin up your mortis toot sweet.

Yeah, you’ve repeated this. But America is a nation of laws and the laws that you’d be breaking by doing that would not justify anyone shooting you, and the person that did would be arrested, as in fact we have seen.

Are you for real? It is illegal to loot, deface and burn buildings down, too.

Should these folks who are breaking laws be arrested and serve time or do they get to skate because they are black?

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