RBG Biography Movie: On The Basis of Sex

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Speaking of Ruth Baders Ginsberg, what do you guys think about the movie about her that come out last December? I haven’t seen it, but the acting looked impeccable, even if I don’t agree with it politically. The last few lines really stood out to me- “The word women is not in the Constitution” “Neither is the word freedom…your Honor.” Which is incorrect, as its synonym, liberty, is in the preamble and all throughout the Constitution.

Another thing that stood out to me is in the trailer, they show a scene that mentions that something is sexist against men. So brownie points for that. This is something that third-wave feminists ignore, that sexism goes both ways. I appreciate that they did not make the husband the villain in the movie.

Watch the trailer here:


Surprised they didn’t get Rashida Jones to play her.


Why would I watch a movie about how a woman ruined the lives of millions of other women because she had a work fetish?


So… if liberty is a synonym for freedom is men a synonym for women?

You’re comparing apples to oranges. Or you haven’t been through grammar school. Men and women are antonyms, just as freedom and liberty are synonyms. I fail to see how you could draw your respective conclusion. I’m curious; why did you ask such a question?


I’m not being snarky. It’s a legitimate question based on two quotes in your original post.

I’m pointing out that RBG’s logic does not make any grammatical sense.

Because liberty is a synonym for freedom?

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Her argument doesn’t make any sense. All I’m stating is that what she claims, freedom not being in the Constitution, is wrong. It doesn’t mean that the words men and women are synonymous.

What it is is a deflection from the topic of the post. Rather than address the content you are picking it apart to create an argument on liberty and freedom being a synonym.

What about the rest of the post?


Freedom and liberty or not synonyms.

Freedom from
Liberty to

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” :wink:



This is what feminism gave us.



Much as I disagree with her positions, how exactly did she “ruin the lives of millions of women”?

Perhaps by selling stupid T-shirts to stupid little girls like the one in the picture above? :wink: