Rating the presidents

My opinion of the best to worst presidents in my lifetime.
I’d like to see yours.

  1. Eisenhower
  2. Nixon ( without Watergate)
  3. Reagan
  4. GHW Bush
  5. Clinton
  6. Ford
  7. GW Bush
  8. Johnson
  9. Carter
  10. Nixon (handling of Watergate)
  11. Obama
  12. Kennedy

Roosevelt (Teddy)

My favorite will always be “Jackson” “Old Hickory” (I am Native American so its sacrilege to claim that), however I like the fact he was a tough SOB! He took a bullet in the rib cage during a duel, and is the only President in US history to ever pay off the National debt. He foresaw what the banking system was, a bunch of thieving vipers who represented a threat to American Sovereignty who he ultimately threw out which lasted for about 25 years until Lincoln was assassinated!

My least favorite, and one I hold in most contempt is probably Obama, followed by Wilson for giving us the FED and LBJ for "The Great Society BS!