Rare Total Lunar Eclipse Will Take Place on Election Morning

On the morning of election a rare Lunar Eclipse is suppose to take place which later which affect the Moon’s appearance as being larger than usual and blood like red in color depending on your Geographical location not everyone will be able to see it. However it is to some its an ominous sign depending on what viewpoint you subscribe to.

Some form of lunar eclipse happens about twice a year, but a total lunar eclipse – where the earth’s shadow completely covers the lunar surface – are rarer. The next total lunar eclipse will not be seen until March 14, 2025, as a new president starts trying to repair what’s left of the rule of law in the United States.

Lunar and solar eclipses have always been associated with major events in the history of nations, and especially the lunar eclipses because of reddish color the moon can take on these occasions, but also because the earth’s shadow is so much bigger than the moon’s, the eclipse lasts longer and can be seen by many more people.

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It’s a pretty standard planetary occurrence. Just because the moon “appears” to be turning red, from everywhere on Earth that it can be seen, does not mean that the GOP is going to swing any elections occurring anywhere.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow falls on the moon. This can only happen when the sun, Earth, and moon are perfectly aligned, with the Earth in between. Lunar eclipses were once seen as omens of bad news, and they were often used to predict political events. For example, a Total Lunar Eclipse in 1504 coincided with the death of Pope Alexander VI, and a Partial Lunar Eclipse in 1780 was thought to portend the fall of the British monarchy. Today, we know that there is no scientific basis for these claims. However, lunar eclipses still have the power to capture our imaginations, and they continue to be used as metaphors for major political events. In 2016, for example, a Total Lunar Eclipse coincided with the Brexit vote, and many saw it as a sign of Britain’s impending freedom or doom (depending on your political position). Whether or not you believe in their power, there is no denying that lunar eclipses have generally had a significant impact on the interpretation of political events.

Actually it isn’t, the next one doesn’t occur until 2025 so yes it is rare. I take it you never lived in jungles of the Amazon nor have any spiritual connection to the Earth.

As far as GOP swing, I am willing to bet somebody is going to be bathing in your liberal tears when the red wave obliterates your once utopian dreams you hold so dear to your heart! You didn’t care that your side managed to destroy a vibrant economy, put people out of business, made living harder for those already struggling, and nearly ruin and run the country into the ground with retarded policies. Oh how about also supporting a fascist senile dickhead who is giving away billions to a foreign country that we have no interests in order to start another war?

You idiots declared war on my people and even managed to take some lives in the process, for that don’t think for one second that some of us are going to forget that. We are putting you on notice and may this blood moon signify as such! Fk you!


It is interesting to note that the Democratic Party, which historically has been opposed to war and military spending, has become increasingly hawkish in recent years. This change can be traced back to the administration of President Bill Clinton, who greatly expanded the size and scope of the military. Since then, Democrats have been increasingly supportive of military intervention, both at home and abroad. This change in attitude has been driven by a number of factors, including the rise of Islamic terrorism and the growing belief that America must take a leading role in ensuring global security. As a result, it appears that the Democratic Party has adopted a more aggressive stance on foreign policy.

The Democrats are in for a world of hurt come tomorrow. Their far-left policies have angered voters across the country, and their candidates are so uninspiring that even die-hard liberals are staying home on election day. The Republican Party has never been more united or more energized, and they’re ready to take back control of Congress and deliver a crushing defeat to the Democrats. So don’t be surprised when the results come in and the Democrats are looking at a bloodbath at the polls. They brought this on themselves, and now they’re going to pay the price for their fuckery.

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Oh I know all about Clinton and his hawkish shenanigans, having experienced a deployment to Mogadishu that I haven’t quite gotten over from. The only reason why the Democrats have become Hawkish is because they are knee deep in the pilfering the coffers in way of money laundering through Ukraine. They need a distraction like war because they suck at governing!


If the latest development of taking over twitter from those fktards is not a sign, one thing is clear, the adults have to take over from a generation of cry baby bed wetting snowflakes because they fucked everything up! And if they start trying to pull that shit like they did in 2020 with all that rioting bullshit, I guarantee we are going to fk their shit up like they never seen before! So tired of these fking losers!


It’s neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party that determines the US foreign policies.

It’s the Neocons who sometimes align with the right (prior to 2014) and sometimes with the left (currently) to justify the American involvement in Ukraine or anywhere in the world.

Who are these Neocons? Influential Joos and their shabbos goys (goy lackeys) who support Israel and Jooish interests anywhere in the world.

Well the same j e w s are going to bring the state of New York a republican governor and maybe add a bonus by sending AOC packing.