Ranching the Endangered West

This breaks my heart and pisses me off. There are days I absolutely hate the central government.

Now you know why I hate everything they stand for. destruction of cultures and tradition that handed down by our fathers and fathers before them. Ignorance that left disply is mind boggling.

Who cares more about the land? Some stupid ass environmental weenie of those that work that worked the land for generation?

And people wonder why I want t keep those assholes as far away from goverment as possible.

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Libs don’t know shit about land and wildlife management.

My they all take a deer with their Mercedes, Subarus, and Camrys.
May coyotes eat their pets.
And may they meet a black bear on their nature hikes.

Don’t get me started.

“Mama, don’t let your sons grow up to be Cowboys …”

That’s babies…

Don’t let’em pick guitars, or drive them old trucks. Let’em be doctors and lawyers or such…

Want to see a liberal’s head explode? Asked them what single group contributes more to conservation than any other environmental organization combined! The answer always surprises them!

They’ll shut these ranchers down so they can pat themselves on the back.

Remember the Bundys and the Malheur stand off.

Acquitted. Imagine that. The FBI “felt besieged…” amazing.

True, but only sons can be cowboys. The daughters can only grow up to be cowgirls. :wink:


Don’t make the mistake of telling her what she “can only be…”

Yah, yah, yah. I know that a girl can think she is a boy and therefore she is according the PC police these days.

But it still doesn’t make it true. :stuck_out_tongue:

She doesn’t think she’s a boy, she knows she’s better.

Right … she is a cowgirl. :wink:

This is bullshit! Terry Levoy Finicum would have never fired his gun first and forensics evidence says otherwise!

They murdered Finnicum

You know, the libs like to use the word “cruel” to describe some republican policies.