Rain Forest discovered Beneath Antarctica

A group of researchers found evidence that approximately 90 million years ago, Antarctica was home to an ancient, swampy rainforest full of diverse animal and plant life.

The Earth has gone through many shifts since it’s birth. Very dynamic. Still cooling off from creation.

I wonder how those that think they can control the climate will spin this?

They can start by trying to figure this out: Too many polar bears. In the 1960s, the world was down to its last 5,000 polar bears. Russia and the United States – along with other nations – agreed to stop hunting them except for subsistence by Eskimos and the like. Now we are up to our eyeballs in polar bears. Contrary to the alarmism by the global warming crowd, we have 28,500 polar bears. Looks like ( snicker ) global warming causes Polar Bears.

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They can’t spin it. Besides when was the last time there was an open debate about Climate Change? Like never? Here is an inconvenient fact, the entire Global warming Climate change narrative was invented by a cartoon artist named John Cook, and Politicians ran with it in order to cook up (pun intended) another scheme to siphon off money from wealthy nations in order to subsidise and mask their failures as leaders. Where is Al Gore?

Scientist have long known of the hot Antarctica. The fossil and fauna discoveries are very clear.

The Mayan calendar counted down to zero a few times throughout the ages and in that time The Earth supposedly shifted its axis creating turmoil such as floods, Hurricanes, earthquakes etc. I wonder if that is true along with the continental drift theory that would explain this?

I wonder how many will actually believe it! :roll_eyes: