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I have been a radio fanatic from almost the day I was born. Even when I was a recon pilot in Laos and Vietnam, I would on many occasions turn my ADF radio on and listen to Voice of America. Now with internet radio, I have discovered really the best in music, No more boring radio segments or songs you have already heard a thousand times.
(1) FIP radio, Paris France. Without any doubt the best in music programing featuring 14 different genres of music. Music by lesser known musicians but well talented. FIP has been the only radio station that has broadcasted Miles Daviss complete "Bitches Brew" and "Around the Corner". I prefer the funk and groove genre which has routinely played innovative experimental jazz. (2) WWOZ New Orleans.This is the number one party station of the world featuring the best innovative jazz,blues,Cajon music, rap and world music in general.The only station to play selections of experimental blues by Junior Kimbrough. (3) Majesticjukeboxradio, Edenborough, Scotland: Every smash hit from 1930 till now. Specializing in the 50s and 60s.Art Blakelys “Moaning”, Charles Mingus,Benny Goodman,“Last Night"and the list just continues with super hits and Music. Lessor popular Elvis Presley played all the time as well"Swing,Swing,Swing”
(4) Florida Classic Rock…no interruptions, nothing but the best rock and roll from 1950 till present. Lots of forgotten songs including early Beatle hits and the White Album.Sometimes heavy metal and “God Save the Queen”. One of my favorites Rare Earth’s “I just want to Celebrate”.
Happy Listening!

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I’ll have to try it. Will it work on my Eton Radio with different bands? it’s Medium wave not short wave?

It is internet radio…happy listening!

FIP – Listen to live radio and thematic radios (

WWOZ New Orleans 90.7 FM | New Orleans music to the universe!


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