Racist Leftist at UVA Complains About "Too Many White People" in Study Area

music sting …

You’re too white
For this place
You’re so white
Mayo can complain, okay?

You’re too white
For this place
But if there’s money needing spending
We’ll be sure to give a ring!

(I’m sure Uncle Albert would approve)

Well white’s are NOT a "protected class " only blacks , Latinos , Asians , lesbians , homosexuals , Muslims , trannies , etc. :hot_face: :rage:

UVA is in full meltdown after this…

  • ‘There are too many white people in here’: Black woman shouts ‘this is a space for people of color’ at students in multicultural center - before University of Virginia says the facility is open to everyone
  • The University of Virginia (UVA) scrambled to defuse a brewing campus race row
  • The as yet unidentified student berated white peers for making her feel uneasy
  • UVA said ‘these centers are open to all members of the university community’

Watching the video it looked like she did it for the approval of the people she was sitting with. Getting attention.

If she really feels that uncomfortable sitting around anyone who isn’t black then perhaps she can go study and do her homework in a safe place like Chicago’s South Side.

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You know what? They shouldn’t be.

Blanket statement: This is a multicultural center. Anyone who disrespects any race or any person despite race, will be banned from entry.

Find her. Ban her. If she wants re-entry she should attend a diversity class where she can be deprogrammed.

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Interesting. Do you have a link to the original source?

Hell her login name pretty well says it all.

“I’m a bull dyke and a complete leftist bitch”.

If there’s any doubt just read through her other “contributions” since joining.

Her sole purpose is to be as offensive as possible and troll every thread she participates in.

Good, that “woman” should have been fired if she’s an employee and booted if she’s a student.

The irony here is delicious. YAF loves to dictates who is and isn’t allowed in the conservative movement based on whether they sugarcoat our disastrous demographic destiny enough to mollify the Open Borders Inc donor class!

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Who or what is a YAF?

Read the thread or don’t bother posting.

I read the thread jackass.

I think if the girl was white should be in jail. But I’ll be damned if you can put a black person in jail for the same crime. Then you’d be racist. I think America is turned on its ear. Even the young people Embrace socialism. They don’t even know what socialism is. It’s glorified communism. The Democrats have? Made pussies out of everyone.

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You two must be pals then.

What needs to happen is she needs to get charged with a hate crime and booted from UVA. It’s as simple as that. She was discriminating against other students on the basis of race. Let her face the consequences. If there aren’t any then the law can’t be enforced against anybody else.

She didn’t commit a crime.

What she did do was to make a statement in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Instead of “white guilt classes” there should be classes that teach slavery is still very much a part of this world and you’re damned lucky to be at a University. Take a look around the world and see how people actually live.

She is a classic case of the “check your privilege” movement. Her “privilege” ?

I’d love for her and her Ilk to be transported to Pakestan for a year. One week and she’d be begging to be back home. Now, let one year sink in.

Beg to come back and now tell us how “woke” you are and just how damn good you have it in the Untied States.

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If a white person had done the same thing there would be an investigation by the FBI for a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

You are possibly correct.

Since it hasn’t happened, I don’t know what they would or would not do.

If she was an employee of the school acting in any sort of official capacity she committed a civil rights violation.

Only if they were a school employee acting in some sort of official capacity.