Racist Jared Kushner Says Trump Can’t Make Black People ‘Want To Be Successful’

This footage of Kushner being a typical racist Republican should be played in all applicable areas of the country where it will help get out the African-American vote for Biden.

As much as I hated watching this video, I do have to say keep it up, Jared! This racist message goes down especially well in that condescending little white boy voice :rofl:


The only thing Kushner forgot to say was “you people”


Boy, your punk ass is really spewing out a load of stupidity today. Did you get your welfare check and go out on a binge or something? Your post is nothing but your usual pile of bullshit.

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This coming from an elitist little shit whose family made a fortune in low income housing and gouging tenants with ridiculous “service fees” and "late rent fees " that keep their tenants perpetually broke.

He’s literally the spawn of a slumlord.

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As in, you people (Democrats) are baby-killing socialists, and sodomites and idiots. Like that?

Democrats are the party of infanticide, socialism, government control, smashing Free Speech rights, giving free stuff to illegal aliens, and now they are the party of mobs in the streets burning and destroying cities. See the burning cities and torn down statues, and you see the democrat party world. Mobs.

Republicans are the party of Traditional Values, Liberty and freedom. Donald Trump gave us the lowest unemployment rates since John F Kennedy until the virus hit, and now Democrats are trying to keep the virus going because they are so evil they are happy to destroy the economy simply to defeat Trump. That’s right. Masks and continued shutdowns are a joke, based totally on fear. There is a 0.04 death rate for Corona. People have more chance of dying from the Flu.

A totalitarian socialist state of mobs is what the Democrats offer, and liberty and freedom and jobs-not-mobs is what Trump offers.

Kushner has never had to compete for a job in his life and is now lecturing poor working-class blacks. Wow.

Holy shit. Kushner taking another page out of the Nazi playbook from1930’s Germany. 'We can’t make the ■■■■ better Germans, so we will send them on vacation…"

This guy uses a foghorn for a dog whistle.

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Trump can’t make blacks stop killing each other in Chicago either - he also can’t make them want to be successful. Both are true statements.

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On a related note… evaluate this please leftists.

  • be angry black male youf
  • approach people in a threatening manner
  • get questioned
  • become even more hostile
  • get treated with hostility
  • wonder why people persecute me so?
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Kushner is a fucking moron and should have never stepped foot in the White House to begin with.

I see some jealous idiots raving against America, Trump, Success, Intelligence, work ethic, A greater America. Is the CCP your master?


Who were you posting to? @NippalesCage?

They know who they are. It’s a general comment after scanning this thread.

Gotcha. I work with @NippalesCage and know he’s pro-Trump but hates Ivanka and Jared.

Pro-Trump people who hate Ivanka and Kushner, tend to have a weird outlook.

Not really. I’m voting Trump again but I’ve always thought that Ivanka and Jared having senior positions in the White House was a bit off-putting… especially when so many accomplished people would go work for the President in a heartbeat.

Who else can Trump trust?..He’s been surrounded by haters. Also, Trump trained his daughter in Business a Kushner is his son in Law. Sone people hate them because he is ■■■■■■ and Ivanka converted. Especially all the work they’ve done with Inner cities and The Middle East deal. I trust Trump’s decisions to put them in there. They are working for his admin. He has to be able to trust some people,

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Well, considering he’s had successful businesses all over the world, I’d imagine that his trusted talent pool is significant.

Not all of them are inside the administration. Even Trump didn’t know how corrupt the establishment was.

At the beginniing of his campaign, he was interviewed and asked what he thought his flaws were. He thought and answered, “I can be too trusting.”