Racist Democrat Mark Herring, Attorney General of Virginia, Admits to Wearing Blackface

Virginia attorney general admits to wearing blackface

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring admits he put on “wigs and brown makeup” to dress up as a rapper for a party in 1980. CNN’s Ryan Nobles reports.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, who called out Governor Ralph Northram for wearing blackface makeup has now admitted to wearing blackface makeup at a party in his younger days-likely an attempt to save himself as pics are supposedly forthcoming…all these guys beat their chests about the shit storm at Charlottesville, now their chickens have come home to roost.


Added to the Tran/Northam infanticide scandal, Northam blackface scandal, and Lt. Governor Fairfax sexual assault accusation it has been quite a few days for Virginia Dems.


You’re only racist if they find the pictures…

This may be the only time in our history that state leadership changes hands across the aisle due to the exposure of their own hypocrisy. If you give HATE a pair of legs it might just turn and trample you!

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This needs to start happening to Democrats all across the country. They took the identity politics game to new levels and now they pay the price.

The Dems have embraced the rankest class and race identity politics. There is no reasoning, no critical thinking, no opportunity to make amends except to submit your career to the guillotine of critical race theory. Of course if you’re Back, you can keep your job, we’ll make an excuse for you.
The Dems have become as binary in their views as a hardcore lesbian feminist.
The terrors of these little race Robespierres has come for themselves. They cry out ‘I am innocent!’ but the blade must be satisfied.


The lesson to learn from all this: Don’t Trust the Mainstream Media.

The mainstream media looked for every nook and cranny to try to take down Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, even going through his yearbook!

Yet, the mainstream media doesn’t exercise the same vetting for Democrats.

Now there are all sorts of allegations of blackface from Democrats that SHOULD have come out during the election cycle.

In summary, the mainstream media are DEMOCRAT SHILLS.

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So … who are next the fill these positions after the Dems march into Virginia’s capital city and demand these racysts’ resignation? Oh wait, it is probably a nothing-burger in blue town.

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They have been. For years.

A bit strange the dems don’t seem so gung ho about sexual assault when it’s one of their black leaders . :roll_eyes: What happened to we must believe ALL women Booker and declaring his “I am Spartacus” moment as he moved to release sensitive documents during now-Supreme Court Justice . What a F-ing joke the party has become ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Where are ALL those Hollywood morons ? where is CNN ?

This is exactly right. It’s the same reason why Keith Ellison still has a political life, despite beating the ever loving shit out of his ex-wife.

Americans see the double standard plain as day.



The 1924 Democratic National Convention, also known as the “Klanbake” was held in Madison Square Garden in New York City from June 24th to July 9th. With all that’s going on, I think this is pretty relevant!

Maybe these democrats “felt black”.

They most certainly side with every black and even put down their own race because they think it’s the PC thing to do , certainly a lack of commonsense . BLM