Racist Coronavirus Attack on White Employee at Target

Black Guy walks into a Target, deliberately sneezes on a White Target Employee and tells him he has Coronavirus.

Notice he walked past the Black Target Employee to get to the White one. This was a deliberate racial attack.

Will the FBI investigate? Of course not. They’re too busy entrapping White schizophrenics.


Don’t worry. It’s only a matter of time before they kick up their usual behavior and try breaking into houses of people who are well armed and ready to defend their families.


If that happened to me that piece of shit would be a pile of red pulp and goo on that filthy Target carpet.

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Time for whites to defend themselves against blacks. The facts support the data- blacks disproportionately attack and kill whites.

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Another victim class to bait.

This is bullshit. Anyone who does this should get locked up for a long time. Of course that won’t happen because even in the middle of a pandemic no one wants to be called racist for doing what’s right.

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