Race baiting continues - Ahmaud Arbery LIE

Ahmaud Arbery was NOT simply a black jogger and happened upon 3 racist white but a crook with a propensity for VOILENCE !!!

The viral video of Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery being chased and shot dead in Brunswick, Georgia, captured the attention of the nation. Now, as three White men — former law enforcement officer Gregory McMichael, his son Travis and neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan — stand accused of killing Arbery BECAUSE OF HATE AND RACISM .

Jogging my ass !!! RACISM MY ASS !!!

Court Tv and the media claim poor Arbery was simply jogging in a white neighorhood and was killed by racist white therefore they need to be charged with a HATE CRIME !

" Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 24-4-404(b), Travis and Greg McMichael offer the following evidence because it shows Mr. Arbery’s modus operandi, his motive, his preparation, his plan, his identity, and his intent, and thus, his absence of mistake to: use running or jogging as cover to commit crimes against persons and the community; to steal; to commit burglary; to commit forcible felonies; and to either ee when challenged, confronted, or questioned by citizens or law enforcement about his conduct and or to commit forcible felonies against citizens or law enforcement who challenge, confront, or question his conduct.

On December 3, 2013, Glynn County Police reports reveal Mr. Arbery unlawfully concealed handgun into his waistband and tried to gain admission into high school basketball game. Officers noticed the butt of the gun protruding from his waistband and ordered for him to stop. Mr. Arbery ran from police, which resulted in two officers sustaining injuries: one because Mr. Arbery scratched his arm to get away; the other because the officer fell and sustained injuries during his chase of Mr. Arbery. Also, the Chief of Police reported that as he chased Mr. Arbery in his vehicle, Mr. Arbery reached into his waistband as if searching for his firearm. Police eventually surrounded Mr. Arbery and charged him. He was later convicted for several felony and misdemeanor charges, including gun possession and obstruction;

obstruction; On October 7, 2017, Glynn County Police body cam video reveals an officer spotted sole car parked in park area known for drug activity. The officer could not see who was in the car due to the occupant being inside the car and the car having tinted windows. When he approached the car, the occupant, Mr. Arbery, got out. The officer asked Mr. Arbery for his ID. Within minute and thirty seconds of the officer holding Mr. Arbery’s license to check his background, Mr. Arbery said, ”Nobody not even driving the car. What the fuck you coming over here for? The fuck you come over here and fuck with me for?” When the officer began to explain his purpose to Mr. Arbery, Mr. Arbery quickly changed his conduct, launched forward at the officer, crossing several feet to confront the officer, and threw out his arms. The officer had to put his arm out to stop Mr. Arbery from colliding with him. Mr. Arbery cursed the officer and then told the officer, ”Bitch you hit me with that shit, bitch, you gonna be fucked up." This caused the officer to tell Mr. Arbery he was going to search him for weapons and second officer to attempt to use taser on Mr. Arbery. H

In June of 2018, 911 audio reveals Mr. Arbery’s mother, Wanda Jones, called 911 due to Mr. Arbery’s refusal to give Ms. Jones her car keys. She made the call from inside her car While Mr. Arbery stood outside her car. During her call to 911, she cautioned the operator that Mr. Arbery had mental condition that had ”escalated" over time. Additionally, Ms. Jones told the officer that Mr. Arbery might get violent with the officers due to his mental illness, if they were too confrontational with Mr. Arbery or tried to arrest him or take him into custody.

On October 23, 2018, Burke County reports and Burke County officer body cam video reveal Mr. Arbery and two juveniles were confronted in vacant mobile home by the Burke County Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Arbery ran when confronted by the authorities. He was later caught and lied, stating he was just out running, when asked about being in the mobile home. He was charged with misdemeanor obstruction for running when given lawful commands to stop; 7. On December 1, 2018, Glynn County officer body cam video reveals Mr. Arbery was arrested, charged, and later convicted for felony shoplifting by entering store and attempting to steal television;

In 2019 and 2020, witness interviews reveal Mr. Arbery was seen by his own neighbors, removing screen from Windows and trying enter their homes through the windows. When confronted by the neighbors about his conduct and behavior, he appeared ”nervous or agitated" and ”trying to figure out where to go." Then he said he was interested in buy the house but ”took off running. On the second occasion, the home owner observed Mr. Arbery trying to gain entrance through door. They again tried to talk to Mr. Arbery but he would not speak or say anything, he simply ran away;

In 2020, witness cell phone video reveals Mr. Arbery was confronted at convenience store by employees about his theft conduct and behavior. Mr. Arbery, cornered about his thefts, chose to fight man who worked on location at the adjacent truck stop who tried to confront him about it.

On October 25, 2019, home surveillance video at 220 Satilla Drive captures Mr. Arbery at night and in the dark canvassing the interior property and valuables contained within; 2. On November 18, 2019, home surveillance video at 220 Satilla Drive captures Mr. Arbery at night and in the dark canvassing the interior property and valuables contained Within;

On February 11, 2020, Witness testimony, 911 recordings, and home surveillance Video at 220 Satilla Drive details that Mr. Arbery was once again canvassing the interior and exterior property and valuables at night and that he ed after police were called. WHEREFORE, Travis and Greg McMichael request that this Honorable Court hold an evidentiary hearing so that they can meet their burden for the aforementioned reasons. December 30, 2020 "

. g“ (we? g5 (Lye/7 mm FRANKLIN I. OGU LAURA D. HOGUE Attorney for Defendant Attorney for Defendant State Bar Number 360030 State Bar Number 786090 Hogue Hogue Fitzgerald Griffin Hogue Hogue Fitzgerald Griffin 341 Third Street 341 Third Street P.O. Box 1795 P.O. Box 1795 Macon, GA 31202-1795 Macon, GA 31202—1795 478-750-804

Now the racebaiters are seeking large sums of MONEY .


Ahmaud Arbery Foundation – Official Website

What a joke . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

These men need to be released from prison

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Never happen our “Justice” dept ., and most judges are ALL WOKE . Even law enforcement pays the price killing a black man regardless if he shoots first or is beating the cops . This thug admitted he would pretend to jog and then rob construction sites , they had him on film going into the building that was robbed of tools and materials several times .


This is bull shit!

3 men go out to confront a thug!
They get attacked
They defend them selves.
Thug dies. Z

You punish these brave men because your scared of black thugs out side…

9 pea brain woman no Wonder Woman were never allowed to sit on a jury. I hope karma hits them hard.

Appeal they are released

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Black men are thugging, rioting, robbing, killing EVERY DAY.
And men restrain them selves up to the point they are attacked and a jury can’t see that?

With all the WOKE fucks serving jury duty white males will never see justice . White women are the worst judges of character and their hearts alway bleed for the black thugs .