Quora sucks if you’re not a Liberal

I finally got banned at Quora , for stating facts that Liberals despise. Their Moderators are partisan liberals and they work actively within a system that enables them to control the messaging on their site. They show bias and let Liberals say anything disgusting and hateful and untrue so long as it doesn’t interfere with their preferred bias of all things liberal.

I’m glad I found this site so that people can freely express their ideas without the interference of censorship.


I provided all of two responses on Quora and was banned within minutes of making my 2nd post. Apparently, it’s against their terms of service to not parrot a far left wing narrative at all times.

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Quora is also in bed with Google.

Google search uses Quora to promote answers to questions that people have - so when someone searches for something, they are bound to get an answer that only conforms to the leftist view of the world. Google is the worst about promoting confirmation bias to the masses.


Google does the same thing with the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC. They make no attempt to offer a variety of news and opinion. They have basically become the official search engine of the DNC.


I used to read it before it went left.

Seems like censorship of the right is the flavor of the day.

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Welcome @Gainesma ! I noticed the same thing about Quora and the frequency with which Google provides it as a preferred answer source to many questions. That is but one reason that I do not use either of them anymore.

The only unbiased answers I ever found on Quora were to questions involving knowledge of physics and other sciences that are based on known facts. Their answers to political and social issues are replete with liberal lunacy.

For better search results you should try DuckDuckGo, Bing or one of a few other reputable, unbiased sites.

Google SUCKS!

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Don’t drop any links here…that will result in an instant ban.


Back in the Freebird days, I seem to recall that I found it by doing a search and finding a reference on Quora. That was about a year before the wildebeest migration to the Bullpen.

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Yeah - we got a lot of good referrals back then. Freebird got de-listed and then all the links referring here got wiped.

Precisely…that’s how I found Patriot. He had post on that site because Google blacklisted him/Freebird. So I guess Quora was useful even if it was unintended. :wink:

I thought Quora was a good site at first like reddit but without the gayness and people who actually knew what they were talking about and care to give an answer longer than just three sentences. Turns out it is even worse than reddit, people there know even less about shit…and yet they are writing fucking books to answer simple one-liner questions every god damn time.

Quora has taught us that Pajeets should not have internet access.

It also demands login. What gay ass site demands that you login just to see the content? Answer… Quora.

That was just one reason I ceased going there for answers. I don’t use WaPo either. The main reason for avoiding Quora was the liberal bent.

The moderators pounce on anything that disagrees with the liberal narrative. They let liberals break their rules and then they heavy handedly enforce their rules on comments that challenge their partisan bias.

We should have a lot more conservatives join and debate them sincerely. Maybe a future class action lawsuit for them if enough conservative bias is demonstrated. They are in effect attacking our constitution and individual liberties.

The consequences of free speech involves your audience reacting to your right to free speech. It should not Come along with a partisan moderator. All a moderator on quora has to do is suggest you’re not being nice by disagreeing or not sincere in the moderators judgementand then you get a violation and wventually banned. It sad to see Democrats embrace this crap because they used to fight for the the right to be heard…