Quick Hits: China's Hypocrisy and The Enviable Postion that Trump Finds himself in before NATO Summit

China, being the worlds largest polluter of carbon emissions slams the US for not doing enough ahead of the UN climate summit. China likes calling the pot black even though the US has led the world in reducing carbon emissions which has seen a 13% reduction since 2005.

Essentially China wastes no opportunity to virtue signal when they themselves can not hold themselves accountable to the same standards that they preach about. Can you say Hypocrite? Or think of a worse moniker? The real issue here is China is facing a hard deadline by Dec 15th with the US trade negotiations, where another round of tariffs may be imposed if a deal is not reached soon. So any negative rhetoric no matter how ridiculous it may sound coming from china, is hollow cage rattling to spin their greasy smiles into another dollar scheme to subsidize their shorts. Its not working so great for China lately.


As Trump departed for the NATO summit, something of a surprising announcement from Lighthizer had many in Europe Stunned including Macron, after completing a a 301 review of France’s digital services tax on US internet services, which is roughly estimated at $2.4 billion, Lighthizer announced a countervailing duty tax on French imports into the US. The beauty behind this is that it is perfectly legal and within the rules of the WTO, and is on top of the $7.5 countervailing duty tax team Trump already won in the Airbus subsidy case. Suddenly Macron is not looking too smart these days while holding a 10 billion dollar tariff position as Trump strolls into town for the NATO summit. Something tells me there is more that is on Macron’s mind that he wants to discuss with Trump than just NATO. Just saying!

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The old saying better late than never rings true here. The traitors in this country have done nothing but undermine the Trump administration since the day he stepped foot into office. Countries around the world have laughed at the United States and called our president all sorts of names and made comments that should piss every American off. For three years we sat there and took it. Now, it appears that Trump has finally turned the tables on all of his opponents. In every situation that the US finds itself in currently, Trump and his administration has positioned us for success. France has massive egg on their faces and the best that China can do is run a poorly received online campaign calling the US racist. China, who is supposed to be the next rising superpower, has to resort to college level leftist tactics because that’s all they’ve got. The French and the Germans are also about to get their asses handed to them.


Macron permanently and eternally BTFO. The left is doing everything they can to cover for him but let’s face it, Trump called him out on his bullshit. The US pays for France to be a safe and secure country. If we stop paying for that then they can expect to provide for their own security, which they can’t.

â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  France now has to pay up to NATO. Macron got trashed on multiple fronts and all he could do was flap around that BBC loving silver tongue of his. At the end of the day, France still has a big fat bill to pay.

Trump trolls Macron to his face! Sweet!

“This is why he’s a great politician, because that’s one of the greatest non-answers I’ve ever heard.”

This is why I love Trump! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Looks like NATO Leaders are obsessed over Trump to the point they are talking behind his back, Trudeau especially. Trudeau, the soyboy with exhibited behavior is typical of a gossiping cuck who wets his bed in the morning at the mere thought of an Alpha male of owning his cheerios. That is exactly what happened when Trump became President. Macron, well he is doing no favors for himself by getting in on the act.

Well of course, the twitter in chief provides daily fodder for this…

France will never pay what the US has paid, despite their pledge during the Obama administration to increase to 2% by 2024.

And in typical trumpian fashion, that hypocrite criticized Macron for declaring NATO brain dead after he has spent the last three years demonizing the institution…:roll_eyes:

Doesn’t matter! BTW your math amnesia is telling, because France has been hit with a 10 billion dollar Tariff bill! That is winning! :rofl:

Lol, Trump was punked by Macron, Trudeau and Johnson…the world laughing at Trump. Nothing makes him crazier…:rofl:

Monte the delusional! Now there is a concept! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s very simple. The US can just stop funding NATO and protecting all of these countries. Let them provide for their own security for a change.


NATO has been a bulwark between Russia and the US as well. And the only time that article 5 has ever been invoked was for the US after 9/11. But, I’m all for the others paying their share of the burden, whatever that amount should be and for holding them all to their pledge to be at 2% by 2024.