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I’m new here, hope I’m posting these questions in the correct forum:

What will the democratic party do to quell the riots if they win the 2020 Elections?

What will happen to investigation into the Bidens, Clinton, Schiff, Pelosi?

Why didn’t the democrats effect change when President Obama was in office? They sure had allot more protests under their leadership!

Why did the democrats not want to talk about slavery, trying to stop someone like President Lincoln from taking office?

How did the democrats stop or curtail all such discussions before the Civil War?

Since the 1820’s what political party has owned & controlled the news?

Under the democrat controlled liberal school system, why can’t our kids read, write, do math?

Why can democrat liberal taught/controlled school kids talk about skewed numbers of the Environment? (computers: garbage in = garbage out)

Why are our kids confused if they are a girl or boy?

Can anyone please explain why a living breathing planet needs humans to try and control it?

Why don’t the democrats mention to or teach school kids that our Sun is growing hotter, and hotter as it turns into a dwarf star?

Why aren’t they taught in a liberal school system that all the planets temps are rising?

Can someone please tell me the EXACT hottest temperature the Earth’s surface has ever been in the past? Not computed but actual!

Liberals please list the EXACT AVERAGE temp of the Earth’s surface since it’s birth until the present, Please, can anyone do this?

What political Party was in charge of the Confederacy, and how did they commit government suicide?

Why do the democratic liberals try to forecast the weather 50-100 years from now, when they can’t even get tomorrows accurate?

I have more but probably should stop here.

Thank you for reading this far!

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It cracks me up that people want to have a big political debate with libshits.

They don’t care about the nazi economic system and whether you agree with it or not.

They don’t care about the confederate political philosophy and if you like it or not.

You are white and racist. That’s it. That’s the end of the debate.

Nothing else beyond that matters to these people.

That’s the only dimension they can think in.

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Conservatism is a lie. Its just less liberal people who slow progress. They havent conserved anything. They defend these big businesses who then turn their back on them to globohomo agenda blm bullshit.

Not trying to debate.

Notice that the MSM keeps using the same words, opinions, that keep showing up in headlines, over and over again, until people start to believe them? In other words if they see something enough they start to believe it.

Just trying a different approach, just keep writing the facts, over and over, using the same technique. Already trained to believe what they read on-line…


There’s threads for most of those questions, they’ve been asked before. A thread collecting them all in one place doesn’t add much. It becomes a chaos of different arguments.

Oh, and welcome!

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Thank you.

These questions have been on my mind for a while, have studied the democratic party wanting to find out more. The more I found out the more it felt like something needed to be said.

Interesting thing throughout their history, they are against civil liberties, they just change their tactics to get to the end result. Wasn’t until the 1950’s & 60’s that Black Americans started voting democrat.

The liberals fought tooth and nail to stop anti-segregation from happening in those years, so what factor
caused the shift? Why did the Black Americans start voting democrat during those years?

Will be looking for a reason for that, but guessing that it has to do with money handouts, etc.


I have not been pleased at all with the Republican response as of late. I think this is about as spineless as I’ve ever seen rhe lot of them behave. Voters are looking for a strong will and a shake of the fist at these left-wing lunatic tyrants. Republicans have been doing nothing but appeasing them and it is really pissing me off. It needs to quit otherwise Trump is going to be out there solo and if I were him I would be doubling down and cracking down.

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Either the riots will die down or quelled by brutal force.
Dems (Read Soros) fund the riots, and they don’t give a damn about blacks.

Forget about it. They are the “lieblings” agents of the powers that be.

The Dem party is for the status quo. No change to the rule by the Babylonian banking system.

Today’s Dems have little to do with the historical left.

It’s the banksters who control the media.
Divide and conquer is the name of the game.

I don’t quite understand the question. There has been heavy brainwashing done on today’s kids. Therefore, they are not really capable of thinking on their own.

When the dinosaurs roamed the earth, the temperature was much higher than today. Fauna and flora flourished on land and in seas thanks to warm temperature.

The hottest temp was thousands of degree right after this planet was born, I guess.

Benjamin Disraeli, the British Prime Minister of the time, a Rothschild agent, boasted at the wedding of Lionel Rothschild, that Disraeli can split the US in two and give one half to Lionel as a wedding gift.


They will obviously be quickly forgotten.

They wanted no change, they were in charge.

As you know it’s all about power for both parties.

The left is more vocal about the change they want, the right tries to maintain status quo instead of moving back to center. It’s why government gets bigger and we receive less for the cost.

If they say it enough it must be true and people then begin saying it.

NOTHING!!! Nothing ever happens in these circumstances, and because you only care about it when liberal Democrats get away with it, everybody gets away with it.

When you’re ready to hold Washington politicians accountable, irrespective of their political party, we will get stuff done. Until then, it’s more fun to just bitch…

It’s kind of along these same lines

Thank you for the welcome.

What I find interesting, Bill Clinton (Richard Cranium Clinton) bragged about the 100,000 new police officers he hired in the 90’s, now they are in trouble for being bullies, part of the pysch test you have to take to become a police officer. They want bullies for the department. Mild mannered candidates need not apply.

When he hired that many, I wondered how long it would be for something like this to happen.

Anybody else remember when Hillary got busted for having all of those FBI Files in her office while at the White House? Not soon after quite a few Republicans came under investigation. Wonder who’s files she had. Possible all of the stuff that was just as bad on the Dems? Now destroyed and gone?

To take it one step further, the dems want to see President Trumps taxes. Good, I say do it. At the same time show us yours as well.

Why would it be important to show all politicians? Because they make most of their money once in office by hiring out to corporation boards as advisors. The people need to know how and who pays their wages once in office. Lobbyist are just a diversion to keep everyone from the real path to how they make their millions!

A liberal newspaper here in Alaska printed an article about Ben Stevens and how much he made by being on a bunch of different corporate boards. He was getting over 2.45 million a year. They thought they were getting people stirred up about him. Immediately he resigned from politics.

Guess they didn’t want anybody thinking about this, both parties have lots to loose, once W2’s start showing up as public information. Might as well have those board jobs pay their Health Insurance premiums, seeing how they work for the corporations and not the country.


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100% on this answer!

If people held those elected responsible, we would have an immediate turnover of politicians. Having said that, it will never happen as people continue to re-elect the sam people corrupt as ever time and time again.

Time for term limits in congress.

Yes, term limits are part of the answer. Be interesting to see how much power the MSM would have then.

The MSM should be charged for printing opinions rather than news.

When the MSM writes something about President Trump, is is always titled Trump. But in the campaign, it is always Vice President Biden. How in the hell is he still the Vice President?\

Ok, not an opinion, but using words as a weapon. Sorry, got confused a little.

Hey MSM , the Vice President is Vice President Pence. Guess they are a little confused as well.


I feel a good old fashioned Super Nova would clean up the mess. Wishful thinking.

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Kind’a makes me wonder if you know who really are the Supremist that you call white.

Lets check the voting history from the 1820’s until now.
Democrats have been the actual white supremist, you talk about, ever hear of the Civil War? Jefferson Davis the president was a democrat. You can find that out with a real easy search.

People wanting to free the salves fought for that freedom, while the democrats fought to keep salvery legal. Then when they lost, they put people in office to create Jim crow laws.

The republicans have a voting history that proves they want nothing to do with Jim Crow Laws.

Not so the democrats:
After being freed the salves could vote if they met certain criteria. First thing the democrats did? Instead of voting for blue or red, they had to vote for a candidates name. How many of the freed slaves could read and write?

After people tutored the free men how to recognize which candidate was attached to what name, then the democrats made them sign their name instead of making a mark.

How about anti-segregation, civil rights legislation in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s? democrats fought it on every level, the republican’s fought for the civil rights while the democrat’s fought just as hard to keep the Black Americans in their place.

Instead of labeling everybody a racist, why don’t you pick up some history books?

When did the Black Americans start siding with the democratic party? the 1950’s when the handouts started. They sell their freedom for a few dollars. Now idiots are screaming for 14-trillion dollars to give them, what salver holds their controlling strings other than the democrats?

You might want to check out what socialist countries do to the people, to control them. Ever hear of re-education camps? Once the democrats actually take power, better get ready to go back to school in one of their camps.

The Black Americans I know, have things to say as well, however what they want to talk about will never be covered by the MSM because it is owned by the democrats, and doesn’t fit the media socialist agenda.

Just what does a number like 14-trillion mean?

Lets turn it into seconds. Vacation seconds:

1 million seconds is around two weeks of vacation
1 billion seconds is around 32-years
1 trillion seconds? almost 32,000 years.

How and what right do they have to demand that the working people of the USA pay that kind of money? You want a race war, I can’t think of a better way to start it. Only it won’t be a true racist war, people who have jobs will be on one side, many different colored skin in that group.