Queer brigades and their libtarded young supporters

G7 politicians are forcing Japan (who chairs the G7 for whatever period) to support the LGBTQ plus something or other.

No, it won’t work as smoothly as in some countries in the west.

Why do the F-A-G’s get an entire month?

Very soon they’ll want the whole summer, and then the whole year!

Yeah! fk that chit! They are less than 1% of the population and are demanding special privileges over everybody else.

Darwinism should take over sooner or later to set us back on course of the natural order of things!

:joy: :joy: :joy:

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That’s why they are always after young children to brainwash them. Sick.

In Russia you don’t get punished for being one of the alphabet LGBT whatever, but once you mess with children, stiff penalties await.

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That is my red line! I don’t give a fk what people do in their bedroom or what they want to identify as. Once you go after our children, that is a death sentence in my book.

In the UK they are going after children as early as 12 for sex changes something that children have no mental ability to decide on their own. This is outrageous!

The list goes on and on!


I haven’t listened to Max Igan for some time, but it’s very refreshing to catch up with him

Who is Max Eagan to you?

He is an Australian musician and from childhood he had the uncanny ability to see through the veil of fake reality.

He was attacked several years ago by an agent of Israel and suffered injuries.

I think I have heard of him but only in the background media noise.

I just read this article and asking why now? A planted story for the times they now go after another culture?

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The population of LGBTQ is very small in Japan.
(OK, they will disagree and I don’t care)

Their presence is exaggerated for sure. Everything is artificial.

This was a powerfull message from Megyn Kelly. I have two daughters and six grand daughters. This hit hard.


Trans community? Keep them in there, and don’t let them out.

Some languages don’t distinguish between he and she, like Chinese “ta” or Indonesian “dia,” if I’m not mistaken.

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Amazing that a SMALL PERCENT of the population has political support to control the nations vocabulary.

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Only in the spoken, but in the written there are characters that are gender specific in Mandarin.

The entire mantra of the Trans Mafia is that “gender is a social construct,” is part of the Post Modernism paradigm to which Kimberle Crenshaw defined as “Intersectionality” and gave impetus to the aggrieved to express such outrageous and absurd concepts in order to give legitimacy to inventing or being anything you want based on feelings. Forget science, it was all about feelings. Its why you had people like "Talcom X pretended he was “Black” that help founded BLM, despite he was white. Or Elizabeth Warren claimed she was NA so she got preferred status for scholarships in college that otherwise took it away from people of merit.

This is no different in the Trans movement and the alphabet people, who for the most part sought to turn society upside down on its head to the point we are about to explode into a full blown civil war. Its not just about queers any more, its about how much chaos the social engineers can create in order to break down society altogether.

We now have John Kerry going about around the world advocating to getting rid of farms in order to save the planet. The insanity is on all levels in order to keep us distracted.

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That’s correct. Only in written characters. I guess it’s for modern convenience.

Its always been that way. I don’t think the Asians in general are confused about what genders they are. As far as Gay people are concerned, people in China are free to express themselves in public. In fact its not uncommon to see lesbians or gay guys walking down the street together, no one cares; but the minute it starts creeping into politics or targets children, the Chinese Government don’t fk around, they shut that sh*t down real quick, and the people trying to promote that crap disappear to some hole and forgotten about. The rules or the social norms are pretty clear here and for the most part there very rarely is a problem when it comes to rights violations and all that other nonsense that the left love to clamor over!

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Come to think of it, the Japanese invented “she” (to make the written sentence clear) in the 19th century in order to translate European texts correctly.

East Asian languages generally skip the subject pronouns (I, you, we, he, she, they, etc) and you need to figure it out from the context. These languages do not conjugate the verbs according to the subject.