Quebec Canada-Bill 21-Forbids the Wearing of Religious Symbols

What’s Behind Quebec’s Ban on Religious Symbols

The Canadian province has a complicated relationship with its immigrant communities. Last month, it became the first place in North America to institute such a ban.
Can you guess who were the first to complain? Members of the religion of peace are claiming that their religious freedom is being violated by a racist a Canadian Government. The religion of peace might as well be called "The Religion of Special Needs!

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They probably want to ban Christians from displaying crucifixes or wearing them in public. I’m sure hijabs, birkas, and yarmulkes are excluded.

Good observation, but so far it applies to all.

Atheists have very active and well-funded lobby groups in the US, Canada, and Europe. Legislation like this pops up at the state and local level from time to time. Lawsuits are more frequent as they try to chip away at religious freedom. That’s how things are in the US and I don’t think it is much different in Canada…although they are much further along in trashing their country in the name of political correctness than the US is.

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So do I take it that you support the suppression of religious freedom.

And what gives you that assurance?

Atheists are the ones trying to suppress religious freedom. Don’t get your wires crossed. Atheism isn’t a religion.

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Thank goodness there is separation between government and religion. Can you imagine your children attending a public school to be told that they must lay themselves on the floor and face the east to pray to Allah?

Someone should crucify Muslims during Easter celebrations. That would be appropriate.

And they say Trump’s America is a racist country. Last week it was the Canadian PM with the black face, and now this.

Did someone suggest it is?

Always making jokes…:blush:

From what I’ve been reading it looks like the liberals are absolutely furious over this. The intent seems to be to make Muslims as uncomfortable as possible. If that’s the case, I hope this measure passes unanimously.

It is in the US according to SCOTUS ruling, 1961 Torcaso v. Watkins

Wear any garb or talisman, but the face should not be covered with a mask or scarf.

Care to share that reading material?

SCOTUS isn’t infallible, and there’s a difference between accepting SCOTUS rulings as law and agreeing with them.

This thread is about Canada - not the US.

You’re right of course. Did you have something to add, or just playing moderator…:man_shrugging:

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A majority Catholic province bows down to this level where you can’t wear a crucifix . Government overreach and religious intimidation.
Most Muslim women should wear the Burqa made of lead they’re that ugly.