Putin Officially Grants Edward Snowden Russian Citizenship

Well there is this bit of news just hitting the wire. Snowden is now a Russian Citizen. He gets the women too.

I support this. When Edward Snowden released classified information about the NSA’s surveillance program in 2013, he sparked a national debate about government overreach. The documents showed that the NSA was collecting data on innocent Americans without their knowledge or consent. In the wake of the revelations, many people expressed outrage at the government’s intrusion into their privacy. Snowden’s actions showed that the government had been abusing its power and violating the civil liberties of its citizens. As a result of his heroic actions, Snowden has become an important figure in the fight for digital privacy rights. It’s people like him that keep us suspicious.

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Edward Snowden is a traitor. He betrayed his country by leaking classified information to the media. He should be extradited and brought back to the United States to face justice. If he is not held accountable for his actions, it will send the message that government employees and contractors can violate the law with impunity.

Snowden’s leaks also created a massive national security risk that our military and intelligence community is still grappling with today. He gave our enemies valuable intelligence and made it more difficult for the United States to collect information in the future.

Putin granting him citizenship is a petty political move but at this point, I am not surprised.