Putin congratulates Biden

Following the Electoral College vote, Putin calls Biden and congratulated him for his victory over Trump…

Mc Connell who said he would acknowledge Biden as president elect after being confirmed by the EC, is still refusing to do so…

This is about as good as your USA cited source! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Comedy gold!


Why would Biden take the call from Putin if he hacked the election in 2016? I guess because we learned in 2020 that elections can’t be hacked when the other side “wins”

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The US and Russia work against each other’s interests regularly. Such calls are diplomatic formalities…

That’s correct.

It’s not correct.
There are different forces (Call them factions, if you will) inside Russia. Pro-Putin, anti-Putin, etc., just like in the US you have Pro-Trump and the Deep State.

This cuts across the artificial party line and you have enemies of Trump among the GOP, as you know.

Putin is a secret ally of Trump. Nonetheless, Putin is smart enough not to show it too blatantly by not congratulating the fake winner Biden. It won’t take much to do so.

As for China, Xi is not a monster. He has his own internal enemies within the CCP and I personally think Xi is not a bad guy, while other members of the CCP are pure evil.

Yes, that has been quite apparent…

What happens when republican legislators name trump president, will Joe go to the inauguration? Lol

He’ll be on a military flight to Gitmo

Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20th as the 46th president of the United States :us::us::us::us:

We just want to know where the trailer with 300 thousand ballots are… lol good reason to assume voter fraud happen