Purses are for Lipstick


Is this John McClane’s Mrs ?:stuck_out_tongue:

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What a cutie! I am in love with this woman. Where can I find her…and approach her VERY slowly…to say hello.


…I have video of her undressing…for three easy payments of…

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The all American gal!! :sunglasses:

The all American Conservative gal. :wink:

With the right cloths, girls can have significantly more “slack cloth” space where things can be concealed without printing.

On the flip side guys tend to have a larger frame on which things can be concealed.

Suit jackets are a guy’s best friend. All men who conceal carry should wear one while simultaneously looking dapper as hell.

I myself prefer Tweed with elbow patches.

I myself go for appendix carry IWB and a polo shirt.

Jackets are nice too but one tend to get looked at oddly wearing a dapper jacket while welding.