Purdue Pharma caused US$2.15T in U.S. economic damage, states say

I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming and is far too late and too little as Purdue Pharma is trying to emerge from bankruptcy due to all the civil litigation’s its had to settle. However that being said, the amount estimated in damages loses its credence when attorneys from NY such as Letitia James, (you know, the same Letitia James who wants to disband the NRA, and has an open case against the ORG on the flimsiest of charges.) makes a claim that the amount is much higher. So when she makes such estimates in the total cost in damages especially from a State headed by a Governor who openly lies about how he handled the CCP virus, (Nursing Home tragedy) and fiscal policies to date, its hard to take these people seriously when such money in civil suits is up for grabs. Make no mistake, I have no sympathies for Purdue Pharma and pay they should for the damage they have inflicted across the country for the opioid epidemic for the past 20+ years, but its states like NY headed by despots and Charlatans like Cuomo and James that has me questioning just how much the state itself will try to graft from settlements.

We can never measure the damage done to families .

No we can not! There is no price for the loss of human life, I just think in this instance Cuomo and the Democrats seek to exploit this its in dollars and political points for them!

That moron is writing a book on how to kill as many old folk as possible . What nevre to think he is some type of expert after killing all those people .

I know! It’s disgusting! Then he blatantly lies on national TV which is the mark of a true sociopath!

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One has to ask Why

The doctors that over prescribed the med get a free pass

Deepest pockets?