Public service announcement

For all here. Please be advised that internet services and social media sites will be shutting down soon for approximately 10 days! That includes mobile phones.

Prepare! Make sure you have cash on hand, because making withdrawals from ATM’s or debit card purchases will also be affected!

Maybe we can use virtual money t view the virtual parade and attend a virtual inauguration dinner.

And our government sees nothing wrong with the suppression of free speech.

“Republican Congressman Chris Cox and I wrote Section 230 in 1996 to give up-and-coming tech companies a sword and a shield, and to foster free speech and innovation online. Essentially, 230 says that users, not the website that hosts their content, are the ones responsible for what they post, whether on Facebook or in the comments section of a news article. That’s what I call the shield.”

“But it also gave companies a sword so that they can take down offensive content, lies and slime — the stuff that may be protected by the First Amendment but that most people do not want to experience online. And so they are free to take down white supremacist content or flag tweets that glorify violence (as Twitter did with President Trump’s recent tweet) without fear of being sued for bias or even of having their site shut down. Section 230 gives the executive branch no leeway to do either.”

Tump was right in wanting to end Section 230.

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