PSA: Stop Using DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo turns down white male applicants instantly for open positions, but if you intentionally butcher your own resume/application and pretend to be a legitimately braindead black lesbian with questionable legal residence status, they want to hire you. An investigation into the HR lady responsible for these illegal hiring practices shows she is the product of affirmative action and now she’s filling up DuckDuckGo with “PoCs” and purplehaired stalinists.

This is IMPORTANT information because a lot of you are using DuckDuckGo. All of your data is in their hands now and they have proven that they’ll ignore laws and policies and just hand it over to antifa and media.

All the threads about the social experiment have been collated here:

Additional twists and turns in the investigation will also be posted there.


I’ve started using Yandex. Yeah, it’s a Russian search engine but that just means it won’t be screwed with by the same woke assholes turning all modern conveniences to shit.

Also - don’t use Brave and their search engine. It’s spyware and feeds back to Google.

Yandex has the best image search available.

I never heard of Yandex but I am willing to give it a go. How does it work? Had any issues with searches?

Interesting. Within minutes of you posting this Political Bullpen no longer comes up in DuckDuckGo searches.


Yandex is basically the Russian version of Google. They’ve been around a long time and they don’t push any of that leftist bullshit that Google does. Their search rarely omits results in the Western Hemisphere. Now, of course they censor negative Putin stuff, but that’s not my problem.

Interesting. I am definitely going to give a try and make some changes. This latest bit on DD go has got to be eliminated. Can you still use Firefox as does that have to be changed as well?

And the Russians won’t screw with you….:thinking:

It would be hilarious if anybody thinks anyone with the power of persuasion of a search engine is not using it to their own advantage…

Nobody wants you to know the truth about anything let alone the Russians….:roll_eyes:

Surprisingly Yandex has an excellent E Mail server with state of the art malware protection built in.

Thanks for the tips ya’ll! Can anybody offer up an alternative to Linkedin as well?

What browser are you using with it? I am currently using firefox and looking to change.

for confidential matters The"TOR" Browser…normal stuff “The Brave Browser” VPN Proton VPN

Just found out Yandex has their own browser too.

Check this link Browser Recommendations | Privacy Guides

Check this link Browser Recommendations | Privacy Guides