🆘 PSA Job Board Sites for Non Vaccinated People Looking For Work and other Resources

He didn’t manufacture them a*hole. He pushed them to create them. Each Big Pharma Co came up with their own solution.

What the hell’s wrong with you. Nobody suggested he was personally in the lab creating them. But he created operation warp speed which brought you a vaccine in record time that you apparently are afraid of like most Trumpers….:thinking:

You have said 1,000 times you think trump created the vaccine… lol

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Where do we go to find info about schools that don’t require the MMR vaccine?

Which level? College or grades K through 12?

K-12. Covid vaccine is bad, but MMR is way, way worse!!! I HATE that vaccine!

Stay safe!

Here is a link that might be useful.


Not good enough! MMR vas should be OUTLAWED!!!

No doubt! As with any VAX associated with COVID, but think, plan accordingly, and staying calm is essential to survival! Home schooling is very much a viable option as well!

Stay calm? hmph. If we aren’t free to get the mumps when we choose to, I don’t believe we are truly free.


How do you explain centuries of living with the same diseases? In all of human history have we ever been free? Again, you don’t go to war with the army you want but with the one you have!