Protestors Burn Down Central Bank in Iran

Uh-oh. Get ready for a new round of 24/7 calls for war against Iran from our Shabbos Goy In Chief and his Hebraic chorus.

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I don’t think your assessment here is completely accurate. Iran’s central bank isn’t controlled by the banking cartel of the small rootless international clique. They might have been the ones to burn it down. A curious happening indeed. Trump will likely still call for war as this presents an opportunity to put the “correct” banking system in place. The North Korea will be the only country left not a part of the system.

Well, we all know the old adage: “Everything is temporary”.

Syria and Russia don’t have a central banking system that is part of the cabal. Russia just paid off their remaining debt.


Hopefully we’ve learned that that’s all bluster from Trump and he’s really not a warmonger.

Another INANE Anti Semitic raving. This person should be given a one way transportation to any Sand Niggr camel jockey Israeli hating Arab country and given the job of Chief Editor and Anti Israel columnist for their national newspaper.

How can we legally go to war over Iranian protesters burning down a bank in Iran???:man_shrugging:

Not “legally” but they can come up with all kinds of excuses, like this fire can spread to Israel and threaten its existence.

Central banks work together, from the Fed and Bank of England to Bank of Japan, etc., always hurting the economies and people of the respective countries.

That’s all I EVER care about. :man_shrugging: