Proof Ben Shapiro & Dan Crenshaw are Anti-Free Speech

These guys have no principals.

Dan Crenshaw is someone who I don’t trust. He’s proven that he’s not a true Conservative. He likes to cherry pick the constitution and acts more like a leftist. Basically fuck this guy.

and now he’s on video threatening kids for asking him hard questions.

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Crenshaw really is the new McStain. This guy needs to be primaried. The first amendment covers criticism of governments at home and abroad. Between his contempt for the first and second ammendment and his support for expanding the surveillance state this dude should be considered a domestic threat to the US.


If you want to know who rules over you, find out who you’re forbidden to criticize.


This. This. This.

He’s essentially a John McCain clone. Got elected on a pro gun platform…immediately crawfished on that. Now he’s just showing a little more of his repressive, totalitarian vision for the rest of us. I put him and Eric Swallowswell in the same boat.

Crenshaw wants to make it illegal to criticize Israel. What do you think about him threatening these kids on video?

There’s too many in both parties that favor their own form of repression.


When will this guy make his point?

Almost halfway in and I am waiting for the point.



These videos really piss me off because they should just lead in with whatever the situation is and then talk about it. If I want to stay and listen to someone’s opinion I will. Otherwise, just show me the damn video.


Dan Crenshaw is a cuck and Ben Shapiro is a hypocrite who plays identity politics constantly.

And without knowing anything about you or your politics, I will guess that you lean to the Left.

My guess is prompted by your seeming belief that simply stating your displeasure is enough to persuade others to believe similarly.

If you were a Conservative wouldnt you post a reason you feel this way about these two?

I am a conservative and it’s not an opinion that Dan Crenshaw is a cuck, it’s a fact. Conservatives don’t accuse people of hiding behind free speech. Crenshaw did exactly that when people were asking him tough questions. It’s a tactic that the left uses all the time. They call us racists and Nazis when it isn’t true. They make accusations to shut people up and to not debate with them.

Ben Shapiro also plays identity politics constantly (Israel and ■■■■ are the best, everyone else sucks) but then criticizes anyone else for playing identity politics. Ben Shapiro is a fast-talking, hypocrite, grifter. His sister though does have the most spectacular set of breasts I’ve ever seen. That’s at least a positive.




I’d hit it.


Please don’t do this. I am participating in NNN and can’t see stuff like this.

Bruh - If you can’t handle seeing a fully clothed woman you aren’t going to make it all the way through November. Just give up now and relax.

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Crenshaw has really been pissing me off lately…first he attacks the 2A now he attacks the 1A.

It’s always these guys that look and act like they are a patriot out of some movie from the 90s that end up being saboteurs, its almost like theyre actors or something.

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It’s about ideology not skin color, right?