Progressive Destruction: The Pandemic is the Perfect Time to Abolish the Family

Right out of the Marxist Post Modernist play book, and that is advocating to abolish the family unit based on feelings that collectivism is the answer to working harmonious societies.
The author of the book Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family , Sophie Lewis’ academic work “focuses on eugenic, bioconservative and imperial feminism, queer and trans social reproduction, Black feminist family abolitionism, hydrofeminism, postgenomics, and Marxist-feminist accounts of care,” which seems like another cultural studies critic straight out of the Frankfurt Institute.

What caught my attention was her recent article where she asserts that the Corona virus lock-down is an opportunity for abolishing the family and not support it. Right! (sarcasm)

If this isn’t straight lunacy attempting to pass off as serious academic work then I don’t know what is. Its common knowledge that successful societies are ones that support family values and not redefining them to something resembling a misfit broken society of transgendered, gays, pedophiles who end up the ones that should be raising our children. This author needs to be repudiated in every sense of the word for her insane ideologies which is hardcore Marxist to the truest sense of the word.

Here is a rebuttal to her recent published article


I agree its a stupid opinion piece but thats all it is an opinion piece.

She is entitled to her opinion just like i am and others are. Overall though her article does more to hurt than to help because its not rooted in reality. I am not saying anyone should have to put up with abuse or intolerance in any way shape or form but to talk about abolishing the family unit is plainly ridiculous.