Problems posting topics

I have been having problems trying to post new topics. When I press “Create topic”, the white proceessing wheel would turn indefinitely, while my post stays in limbo. Please help.

That’s the Perspective API at work - let me see if I can make some adjustments.

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You should be ok now.

And some instant when the checkmark shows up, pressing the “create topic” also does nothing.

Some extra info:

  • Vivaldi 2.5.1525.48 browser
  • addons: ublock origin, decentraleyes, https everywhere

Still the same, here is the screen shot of the limbo

Right. Reload the page. It will save your progress. Open draft. Post.

Ah I see. Thank you!

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Sometimes when I quote a post, the quote disappears and all that gets posted is just my post and not the quote. Why is that

Because there is no need to quote an enitre post that you are replying to…directly below it.

If someone posts something, and you reply to that post before anyone else has, and you try to quote the entire post, the system will prevent you from doing that because it just spams up the thread.

Everyone can see the post right above the one you are replying to and can read it. There is no need to quote it.

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