Princess Beatrice wedding date confirmed

Oh no, not another ‘royal event’ so the BBC has an excuse to launch a bread-and-circuses spamfest for the feeble-minded?

Princess Beatrice’? :roll_eyes: Wonder if she’ll wear that funny hat again . . .



Princess who?

Not this one:

You do know royals are special; not like us commoners. When they squat to take a dump, they shit ice cream. Must be the inbreeding.

Do you think they will have African jungle singing at this wedding like they had at the last one?

Maybe Spike Jones & Company.

The royal family needs a big and traditional distraction to get everyone off of Mulatto Markle’s nonsense.

She look as though she should be in a Star Trek film!

Though on the plus side that hat did raise over $100k for charity when it was sold on ebay.

Somehow I doubt the 100k made up for the amount of money that the welfare leeches of the royal family steal from the UK taxpayers.

This is worthy world wide news that we all need to know!!! What does this have to do with the price of oil and who really gives a Fuk!!!

Did it really? Do you think any of it actually got to the charities? I seriously doubt it - and that’s even if it was auctioned. It should’ve been consigned to the nearest trashbin!

It is here (think ‘brainwashing’?). And from what I heard a while ago in a tv news slot, Americans are obsessed with the royalty too. I know Canadians are, by how William and Kate were feted and worshiped by the multitudes like conquering heroes in Toronto after their nuptials. How TF can any intelligent individual adore people who are total strangers to them? 'Tis a puzzlement!

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