Prince Andrew interview with BBC

I don’t know if the UK falls into the category of Europe, but the Prince is still evasive about his relationship with Epstein and whatever that entrails.

Because he is a nonce like the rest of them.

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I know who you mean by “them”.
Thanks for the comment.

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That’s the best you can do on this OP? Come on. Stop lazy shitposting when you start a thread.

Why not talk about how Prince Andrew’s entire alibi to having sex with a minor was that he was out having pizza…which was the acknowledged code word for having sex with a minor that sparked the entire Pizzagate investigation. You can do better than this OP.

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The only reason this sham of an interview took place is because the Russians literally have Prince Andrew’s balls in a vice. This whole “come clean” nonsense is just a way to use the BBC (state controlled media) to push the official disinformation narrative, which the Brits will likely believe because they are among the largest cucks on Earth and still pay for a bunch of irrelevant royal people to live in fancy houses and do fancy things while they all wage slave it up or collect welfare.

But it seems to be going deep enough to embarrass the Prince.

I fully agree.
Maybe the royal house of cards is being ditched by them?

Both of you @CheekyScrublord and @Didgevillage cut it out. Now I need to clean up the shitposts in this thread.

@Didgevillage in the future, please provide a little bit more for people to work with when you start a thread. You lead in with a statement about posting in the right category and then followed it with a general statement about Prince Andrew’s evasiveness. Is that really threadworthy? I think the title is good - it can be an open general kind of thread. Still - just provide a little bit more of a rundown (who, what, when, where, why).

@CheekyScrublord you helped to give the thread some additional focus but you didn’t need to be so sarcastic about it. Now there are more posts about thread quality than the subject at hand. Let’s not get hit with a derailment penalty.

Sweating like a Prince in a Pizza Parlor.


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Certainly “ill-judged association” but I’m not sure about the “deeply sympathise” part.
But he did a good job in the interview pretending.

Some more Clintonesque speak. I didn’t have sex with that woman Ms.Giuffre !!!
Maybe he thought those young girls were selling Girl Scout Cookies.

No wonder. They had a common friend (who probably is still alive).

Prince Andrew has been “fired.”

(I deleted the previous post in order to link it to your post… I failed to read the thread before posting. My bad.)

Hmmm, she is not taking any responsibility for raising him.
The Windsors are bad news for Britain.

Why should she?


The (current) Queen is the mother of all evil.
Was Elizabeth I a paragon of virtue?
I don’t think so.

All kings and queens and emperors and empresses need to retire.

One clue I get to a poster’s political orientation is how allergic they seem to be to factual substantiation of their claims.

Libs seem to believe that their saying something is so is enough to convince others that it IS so.

Maybe that helps explain the hatred against Pres. Trump and the collection of 2020 Democrat Presidential challengers.

ALL of which are God awfully unacceptable.

How and why and explain and give substantiation to each of your claims, please.