Prince Andrew back on royal duty in Dartmouth as Epstein questions continue

Looks like a charm offensive to me? I wonder when was the last time he made one of these visits? I’d guess some years.

Royal duty?
Gimme a break.

Exactly. Good front though, when the going gets tough, to divert attention from the main story. I bet we’d shudder if we really knew how many of them are up to stuff like that. Too much time on their hands, guv’nor, that’s their trouble.

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Why do you Brits even have royalty any more? It hasn’t done you any good and your country is nearly as cucked as Sweden.

It’s ‘the glue that holds the Establishment together’. With kings & queens, princes & princesses, dukes & duchesses, lords & ladies, barons & baronets . . . it’s like living in some kind of Alice in Wonderland country. But yer bovine masses just adore it, and I’ve never been able to rationalise why anyone would adore another person, when that person doesn’t GAF about them - it simply doesn’t make any sense.