Priest shot in Greek Orthodox Church in Lyon, reports assailant shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’

Lyon,France…The usual suspect: Orthodox Priest shoot by Muslim. Will this end?

Turkey’s Erdogan might be pulling the strings. He insults Macron every opportunity he gets when making his grand speeches.

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You must be wrong my simple-minded friend how would a terrorist acquire a gun that’s illegal in France


Sorry I quoted the wrong person

“Diversity is a state of war.” Important redpill, concisely stated.


How very odd that the diversity is enriching us, when it never enriched their own countries?


This is why I say repatriation now!

The UN itself says asylum is temporary, and asylum seekers are to go home, once their countries are safe again. Their number in the UK is about the same as the number of homeless we have. We should return now safe asylum seekers to their countries of origin, and take the then unoccupied housing. This would also free up services and increase our security level. It would be a good first step towards reclaiming our country!

The rich want them though, for cheap labour and housing demand and votes. We should remove the rich, too.

These turds run rather than fight for their Country , it’s mostly men that seek asylum . Yet these cowards run to another Country and kill . When will you guys learn ???


Brit so long as you have a government who caters to illegal migrants crossing the Dover Strait, the flow will never stop. Boris Johnson needs a new job!

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Apparently these Muslims are in the wrong “ASYLUM”!!!