President Trump's Second Term Manifesto

This is a great read of all the things we can expect to see in a 2nd Trump term.

I predict that not only will he be reelected in a landslide next November, but Republicans will regain control of the House of Representatives. And that will set the table for a golden era of conservative policy implementation, the likes of which the country has never seen before.

Here is a second-term manifesto of potential policy actions in no particular order:

  • One maybe two US Supreme Court justices. Cementing conservative control of the USSC for a generation, with a majority that will potentially re-litigate Roe v. Wade and return regulation of abortion to the states. Oh, and a passel of new district and circuit court judges, too.
  • Completion of the Wall . And not just the physical wall but also a revamping of US immigration laws, including strict enforcement in order to completely shut down illegal immigration, as well drug and human trafficking across the Southern Border.
  • Completion of the China trade deal . Continuing re-patriation of overseas investments ($1 trillion so far) plus resetting trade relations with China will bolster US manufacturing and jobs while curtailing the hemorrhaging of US technology and intellectual property. And throw in a trade deal with the UK after Brexit is implemented.
  • Obamacare replacement . Opening the door for conservative alternatives that have been held up by Democrat resistance for years, including insurance portability across state lines, letting states review their health care regulations and pursue innovative ways to make coverage more affordable and accessible, and implementing free market solutions to lower costs.
  • Executive Order on American history textbooks . With Common Core no longer subsidized by the feds, it’s time to get revisionist and Marxist-oriented American history textbooks out of the public school system. Oh, and get rid of the global warming alarmist nonsense from those textbooks, too.
  • Repeal of the Patriot Act . With revelations of rampant FISA abuse by the FBI, it’s time to restore 4th Amendment protections against illegal search and surveillance by repealing this overreach of the federal government.
  • Decentralization and downsizing federal agencies . Call this one the “Drain the Swamp Act.” Use the decentralization of federal agencies – moving them out of the DC area – as a mechanism for also greatly downsizing them. Include civil service reforms to expedite firing of people with overt political biases, as well as poor performance.
  • Executive Order on Two Sexes . Time to reaffirm basic human biology and stop the gender-blurring cultural Marxism in its tracks by mandating the distinction and use of two sexes in all federal government forms, transactions, websites, and training materials.
  • Executive Order on Tort Reform . As a first step toward congressional legislation, a signed EO for tort reform for all interstate commerce-related activities that would survive any constitutional challenge. Healthcare-related tort reform could include concepts such as caps on noneconomic damage, health courts to replace judge/jury adjudication of claims, and movement toward a no-fault system of insurance.
  • Reduction in overseas military deployments . A complete reassessment of national security policy that reduces US military deployments around the world is in order. Substantial reduction in forces deployed to the Middle East region for starters.
  • Federal corruption law revisions and enforcement . Equal justice under the law and due process to be restored as normal modus operandi for all law enforcement entities throughout the land.
  • Executive Order on Lobbying. As a first step toward federal legislation, a signed EO precluding federal lobbying by former federal bureaucrats, congressional staff, political appointees, and elected representatives and senators for 10 years after they leave the federal government.
  • Executive Order on Use of English . A mandate for the use of English on all federal government forms, transactions, websites, and training materials. A first step toward legislation that reinforces assimilation of all legal immigrants.
  • Executive Order on US Elections . Initial focus is on removal of all foreign money from US elections, including prohibiting the laundering of foreign money through all non-profit foundations. A first step toward legislation that includes strict disclosure, monitoring, and enforcement requirements.

If the GOP holds a Trump-friendly majority in the House, all those Executive Orders should be implemented by actual legislation instead.

Our government has gone off the rails with the proliferation of executive orders.

And that manifesto is missing mention of reducing (eliminating!!) the annual deficit.


The OP makes no sense. If the Republicans control both the house and senate why so many Executive Orders?

But we all know what will happen, if Republicans do not gain control of the house or lose their majority in the senate It will be down to voter fraud or the deep state or Obama of Soros.

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It makes perfect sense to me. By using the power of the Executive Order, the next president could come in immediately and repeal them and get the backlash of everyone who supported those orders.

But that would still serve no purpose. Logic dictates that it would be a Democrat President that would repeal these. Therefore those who supported Trump would not have voted for a Democrat President So how would a backlash impact a new Dem President?

Interesting concept, one haven’ thought about.

But having said that some of them should be pushed through legislation IMO.

That’s not complete @tankslapper, We could expect another 3-4 trillion (or more) added to the national debt and more budget deficits. And tweet storms.

Maybe Israel will get all that stuff. If Trump wins reelection, I think he is going to mostly be worried about his exit plan. They want him in prison and will throw case after case at him. NYC and DC juries are going to pretty much ensure conviction.

The only purpose for re-electing Trump is to stop a Democrat candidate getting inside the White House for the next 4 years.

We expected too much from Donald Trump during his election campaign, now we see things getting much worse beyond the point of repair.

I remember someone told me Donald Trump is a pressure relief valve, he’s right all along.

I sure would like to see that “Patriot Act” repealed. It should be ruled unconstitutional.
It goes against the Bill of Rights, even.

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One little problem @tankslapper …

There will be no second term…:man_shrugging:

Well that was certainly prophetic…

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A majority in the senate requires 60 seats to pass some legislation unless the nuclear option is in effect for everything passed by the house.

This is a great read of things that are never going to happen because Trump isn’t getting a second term. He’s also not going to run in 2024. He’s a one-term president and a loser. No one likes a loser.

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Well speaking of losers you should include yourself on that list of losers because no one here likes you! Projection is funny thing and you try too hard to want to be validated here!

Say whatever you want. Trump still lost and his sham lawsuits aren’t going anywhere. Deal with it.

You see? Thanks for proving my point while sitting in your mommy’s basement! rofl: :rofl:

Can you refute his point? Trump lost the election and therefore is a loser…and we all know how much Trump hates losers.

Maybe he will do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short pier. No one of any value would miss him anyway.

Thanks! I needed a good laugh this morning. This is a great list of things that the Cult of Trump will never get to have!

I’m so glad this bigot is done for. This is the type of thing that does nothing but marginalize the LGBTQ+ community.

It’s intentionally hurtful and spiteful…which essentially sums up his entire one miserable term.

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