President Trump on Hannity TV Show by Phone Tonight...June 19

Tremendous conversation…off the cuff talking…happening right now.

Soon to be over, but I’m am sure videos will be available later. The show will be repeated at 1:00 AM EST June 20, 2019.

Watch if you can. I will post a link when I find one.

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Thank you. I’ll be looking for it. Perhaps blaze tv may make it available.

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I see you started here by reading the guidelines first. Good for you.

I look forward to reading your posts no matter what your political posture may be.



Not sure this will work for you, but this is live feed from Fox News. It is delayed a bit (about 1 minute 20 seconds), but it is now into the Tucker Carlson rerun, …and the Hannity rerun should begin around 1:00 AM EST.

The phone interview with President Trump fills nearly all of the second half of his show.

Thanks for reminding Asaratis!
Checking out the rewind now.

I watched it again. I was wrong about the timing. The conversation was uninterrupted for 45 minutes and ran a few minutes into Laura Ingraham’s show wherein he wished her a happy birthday.

Here is the YouTube video, posted 9 hours ago.

Trump is live on hannity tonight! This is great!

ya have to say this the most important thing America can do in these hard times is talk and Listen POTUS Trump is a commuter at its best. Some of his actions are not ok , we all have problems look at the hell America lives in today shortages every were, Covid 419 is still bad the economy the same as Covid 19 , riots people killing people the World laughing like hell at America. This day Thanksgiving, POTUS Trump worked for America 24/7 and would not even take his salary. Weare we at today, hate worst everseen in America, Cpvid 19 same people do not want to work, they want free money every were, POTUS Trump spent Christmass in his 2nd year waiting to negotiate a deal for the uS Budget, Biden turns to the Hampton for dinner with a billionaire Donner. Now with Kamala Harris I meant what I said donners in her world thats BONER, like Willie Brown and Montail Williams Takes more fuel to power his motorcade and private jets than the CO 2 output of most Americans that take a bus or car poll, Biden is taking his $400,000 salary and the law makers thier $180,000 a year plus free travel food lodging drugs medicines and we the people pay thier bills, Whats right about that