President Trump Considering Federal Quarantine of NY, NJ, and CT

A quarantine is not necessary, Trump says.

This is what I was referring to.

Quarantine is necessary if we are going to combat this deadly virus. Total isolation is only part of the solution. Especially, when we have people out there running amuck and doing stupid things - like hosting parties with a bunch of people that could be a legit candidate for getting the virus. JMO

Another lying POS! Cuomo doth protest much!

Last week’s Andrew Cuomo: “Trump is a vicious human being responsible for the deaths of New Yorkers because he won’t give me 30,000 ventilators.”

Yesterday’s Andrew Cuomo: We have thousands of stockpiled ventilators. We are not using them because the hospitals don’t need them.”

The Tri-states should be happy today! Martial Law has been postponed due to the recommendation of the CDC.

“I’m thinking about that right now. We might not have to do it but there’s a possibility that sometime today we’ll do a quarantine – short term, two weeks for New York, probably New Jersey and certain parts of Connecticut.”

He doesn’t have the authority to quarantine a state.

So…this brilliant, clairvoyant, Yankee prick knows what the apex will be and when it will occur? Give me a break! :roll_eyes:

He’s stockpiling the ventilators to sell for a profit later.

Screw Quomo!

I am sorry “Homo” is more like it. He is going to be the chosen one to replace Biden. He is preparing for his positive optics to present to the public. I cringe every time this asshat speaks!

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Haven’t you notice after all the praise for HOMO for his briefs ( actually repeating what the president said two days before ) someone leaked slow joe is getting the #metoo charge by a staffer . The plot thicken ………. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The whole confused response to this bullshit across the country could be really good for those of us who give a shit about whites, I like how quickly this is happening and how poorly-executed it is.

The US government will fumble around continuing to make a mess of things and the way this happened practically overnight is much better than it happening gradually. Contrary to what some might say, this isn’t premeditated. Children of Men presumed that governments were way more competent than this and the entire COVID-19 scare has really driven a wedge between younger people and boomers as boomers are wholeheartedly bought into security at any cost. Zoomers are going to be stuck being viciously anti-government until they’re satiated by welfare and both of these things help white majoritarianism so Nickers are going to come out of this stronger than ever.

Additionally, we need white women to start becoming afraid again and if this virus sets the tone for the decade we’re doing well in that regard. Women need to know that the high water mark of their power was last decade and the government can no longer protect them. As dark as it seems, as a people we also benefit from childless middle-aged women offing themselves as well as we won’t have to carry them on our backs while they work to destroy us any more. Even if this virus were to disproportionately kill men, women are going to be the most affected by the hysteria involved.

Did you guys see this shit?

Threatening a lawsuit over this is not only an infringement of states rights but it also firmly establishes—to anybody that has had any doubt—that New Yorkers, and cuomo specifically, are the most self-absorbed assholes that this country has bred.

While everyone is locked down in their homes, trainloads of military vehicles are being spotted all over the country.

This is going to be the new normal – troops on the streets in Half-Life costumes, kicking in your door to ensure you’re in compliance with virus protocol.

“I want to be crystal clear about this: If you’re coming to Rhode Island from New York you are ordered into quarantine."

— Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo

This feud between Rhode Island and New York is stupid and shows that these governors have no concept of how the law and state’s rights applies to this situation.

No state has the right to impede the movement of any United States citizen traveling into or out of any state.

Freedom of movement under US law is governed primarily by the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the Constitution which states, "The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States."

Since the circuit court ruling in Corfield v. Coryell, 6 Fed. Cas. 546 (1823), freedom of movement has been judicially recognized as a fundamental Constitutional right. In Paul v. Virginia, 75 U.S. 168 (1869), the Court defined freedom of movement as "right of free ingress into other States, and egress from them."

The U.S. Supreme Court also dealt with the right to travel in the case of Saenz v. Roe, 526 U.S. 489 (1999). In that case, Justice John Paul Stevens, writing for the majority, held that the United States Constitution protected three separate aspects of the right to travel among the states:

(1) the right to enter one state and leave another (an inherent right with historical support from the Articles of Confederation),

(2) the right to be treated as a welcome visitor rather than a hostile stranger (protected by the “Privileges and Immunities” clause in Article IV, § 2), and

(3) (for those who become permanent residents of a state) the right to be treated equally to native-born citizens (this is protected by the 14th Amendment’s Privileges or Immunities Clause; citing the majority opinion in the Slaughter-House Cases, Justice Stevens said, “the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment . . . has always been common ground that this Clause protects the third component of the right to travel.”).

They aren’t being stopped from traveling. The RI governor wants them identified and quarantined. People from NY are just being entitled assholes about it. Big surprise.

None of that is correct , I can’t carry a gun in NY , CA etc . With the health and safety of those in a State can supersede any clauses in the Constitution just like liberals bar guns as if there wasn’t a second Amendment ! Keep those NY ,NJ ZOMBIES at home with their sanctuary buddies !