President Trump Calls Out Predatory Corporate Lobbyists, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Finally, an issue that I have been very critical of for many years has finally been shown some sunlight by Trump who no doubt understands the COC and their influence over the big donor club who have been not only undermining US immigration laws as well as preventing meaningful legislation, but also national security in the way of trade with China. Trump, in a surprising statement called out the COC for their duplicity. Its about time and the American people better start waking up to this reality, something that has corrupted our political environment known as the swamp for many years!

Awesome Article!

Well that ought to set off a real shitstorm in DC.

About time someone started trying to hold them accountable.

Meanwhile , AOC demands raises for representatives because " there’s so much pressure to turn to lobbying firms and to cash in on member service after people leave because precisely of this issue."

Yeah, AOC logic.

We need to pay Congressmen more so they won’t become lobbyists after they leave office.

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Don’t know about that, but her and Ted are teamed up to get lobbyist out of Washington. Good for Trump to lend his support to their effort.

As though there’s a limit on their greed to begin with.

If you’re willing to sell out your constituents and/or the country for a price, there is no limit.