President Trump Authorizes Federal Law Enforcement To Arrest Anyone Vandalizing Statues

President Trump has finally had enough. These liberal mayors and governors aren’t doing anything to protect iconic pieces of American history, many of which are dedicated to our military heroes and war dead.

I hope the tip line of the FBI gets flooded with calls and their inboxes get flooded with videos of these commies tearing down monuments. We need to keep the pressure up and make sure that these federal law enforcement agencies do their job. They have been given an order and now they have to follow it.

Why does the federal law enforcement need to be told to arrest them ? Isn’t a crime ???

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Yeah - he labeled Antifa a terrorist organization and nothing happened after that. More words and no action.

Well that’s on law enforcement Trump did his part !!! Isn’t all this bullshit happening in dem cities and States ? Won’t they be the same cities and States begging for MORE federal aid ? How much more debt will this morons incur before bankruptcy looms ? Fuck every dem State .

He is limited to Federal Property.

Wouldn’t that include “anything” on the Historic Register?

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So let the PROPER authorities do their job President Trump has his job and it’s NOT arresting thugs .

Trump did his part? What was that? Sending a fucking tweet like a pussy?


I don’t suck up to those fucks. I want them crushed. Still waiting on the pussy Republicans that I voted in to office to reign this shit in and not kiss their asses.


WE AGREE !!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Don’t hold your breath. The only guy saying anything right now is Tucker and Trump would be wise to kick Pence to the curb, make Tucker his VP, win the election, and retire.

He has given the proper authority to arrest anyone defacing or attempting to destroy on Federal property.

If a museum wants to take down a statue, he has no jurisdiction over that.

If a statue is on State property, he has no jurisdiction over that.

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He plans to execute an executive order on this. What more would you like for him to do?

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If you march on public property & destroy historical figures - memorials; you should be shot dead on the spot. I thought we are a nation of laws. Shouldn’t people with gripes take their concerns to court?

Looks like one is caving! They know what is coming. Some seals are mobilising for some missions.

Wisconsin Governor Prepared to Activate National Guard After Vandals Tear Down Statues, Assault Senator

Now that a politician got assaulted…time to activate the Guard! What a bunch of clowns.