President Trump Announces Turkish Unilateral Invasion of Northern Syria

That’s like saying you watched a hundred war movies so you know what it’s like to be in combat.

I’d much rather be dumb than naive. As it happens though, I’m neither. :sunglasses:

You are both exceeded only by your arrogance and ignorance.

You seem to imply you understand the Israeli culture because you love Israelis and you lived among them for a number of years.
That’s stupid arrogance.

The actual result hasn’t been quite what everyone expected. Erdoğan suddenly understood the box he was in when Trump authorized Treasury secretary Mnuchin to prepare sanctions against Turkey. By themselves, sanctions haven’t succeeded much in that part of the world. But in concert with the departure of the U.S., they became a scary signal that Turkey was all by her lonesome. Having steadfastly refused to negotiate, Erdoğan now nervously rang up Trump and asked for an emergency conference. Trump sent Vice President Pence and national security adviser O’Brien to mediate negotiations with the Kurds.

A lot of people with egg on their face.

I just cannot see Trump not winning in a landslide in 2020. Can you even imagine what the solution of the dem hopefuls would be to this situation?

Assassinate Trump.

I am Glad someone here is seeing it! You think some people here would have the insight to comment on that? You think media is going to report on anything like this?

Now after reading this what do you think this was really about?


Trump for the win perhaps?

“Nation Building” is a very lucrative enterprise in/around Washington DC. Here’s what happens when that business opportunity is removed from the UniParty financial portfolio”

Ya think?

Elijah Cummings passing is a foreboding. Not saying that his death was involving some sinister foul play, but in the spiritual world where something is happening where a monumental shift is about to occur there are sometimes signs of the changing of the guard that we cannot see on the surface, but it’s there if one is able to look more intently on what is playing out! The Democrats walking out today was a very telling sign who is going the way of the Dinosaurs and it’s not Trump and his base! Indictments are coming soon! You can see and smell the fear from the Democrats and there is not a lot they will be able to do! Patriots, white hats are ready!

I would NEVER type such words…:roll_eyes:

I am both pleased and mildly amazed that he has lasted this long.

I hope he is still alive in 2024

Yeah Ex, a LOT of people thought and worried the same about Obama. But hopefully that’s not America.

What words are you referring to?
If certain words cannot be written or spoken, there are means to express them in codes.

Digipoo, you expressing a threat!!!

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Well, the first thing that comes to mind is when their political careers are over:

Schumer will be used to scare children into behaving. “If you’re bad, this is hiding under your bed or maybe lurking in your closet at night!”


This will be the starring role face for the child eating witch of Hansel and Gretel:
(We have to eat the babies!)


Interesting thought.

What would you say about the uprising of the leftists?

“Digipoo” that is a good one! That one might stick to the wall!:rofl:

Like anti matter is to matter! One compliments the other as opposing forces. When contemplating your question in deeper thought I am reminded of the story of the making of the film “Citizen Kane” by Orson Wells. The film is essentially a biography about William Randolph Hurst, who essentially tried to ruin Well’s career due to this one film. The point I am making is that Hurst and Wells were such two opposing forces destined for the roles they played! They were very dynamic powerful forces that changed lives forever! The same can be said for Pelosi and Trump! Their eventual clash was already predetermined by fate, as the left rising follows and so too does the Trump base! We are witnessing history with seismic shifts that will alter its course forever! It’s not just in the US but world wide!

Watch Citizen Kane again, it will start to make sense!

It’s a beautiful thing to witness isn’t it? :rofl::rofl:

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Well, it was there in plain sight. Though of course the Bush administration was doing its best to keep Americans attention elsewhere.

Oct . 15, 2006 : al Masri announces the establishment of the Islamic State in Iraq (ISI), with Abu Omar al Baghdadi as its leader. 2007: Following the surge of U.S. troops in Iraq , ISI is driven from Baghdad into Diyala, Salahideen, and Mosul.Apr 30, 2019

Combatants: Hezbollah; Syria; Lashkar-e-Jhangvi…

Military Commander: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Timeline: the Rise, Spread, and Fall of the Islamic State | Wilson Center


Monty earning his paycheck!:rofl: