President Trump Adds MAGAnificent Seven to Impeachment Defense Team

Trump in a Brilliant move, appointed what many regard as the “Magnificent Seven” to his defense team yesterday!

** Today, President Donald J. Trump announced that the following Members of the House of Representatives will serve as part of his team working to combat this hyper-partisan and baseless impeachment. This initial list includes the following Members:

Congressman Doug Collins
Congressman Mike Johnson
Congressman Jim Jordan
Congresswoman Debbie Lesko
Congressman Mark Meadows
Congressman John Ratcliffe
Congresswoman Elise Stefanik
Congressman Lee Zeldin

What a mess. This is all just a big distraction. We should be holding the Democrats accountable for this because this is just a massive waste of everyone’s time and money. Both sides should all be working hard to improve the lives of Americans - not staging a political theater.


That is exactly what they intend to do.

I’d be shaking in my boots right now if I had to face that team.

Too bad Gowdy isn’t around anymore. He isn’t someone to play games with, either.

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Gowdy was very good at talking. Just like Jim Jordan is. Very good talkers. I never saw Gowdy actually accomplish anything though…same goes for Jordan.

I don’t know about him, as I always hear mixed reviews after the Benghazi fiasco! Such as “he is all hat and no cattle” or how he was part of the swamp.

You are right, but it is what it is, so why not fight fire with fire with the same people who fought this monstrosity in the house? Experience does count with people who are familiar with the inside details.

I would like to see what happened in Richmond yesterday happen in DC as soon as possible. Of course the guns won’t be allowed but pissed off Americans needs to start showing up…and I am not talking about pissed off leftist commies. I’m talking about red blooded Americans. These jokers ALL need to get back to work. This is not what the American taxpayer should be paying for.

Your statement alone is indicative how fed up Americans are with this entire impeachment narrative. I am with you, just like the Virginia protest Americans need to march into DC and do the same against this sham!

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Dems doing what they do best , spend taxpayer dollars and point fingers . How much longer are they going to try to defeat PRESIDENT TRUMP ? :roll_eyes:

All politicians should be ashamed of themselves. All this back and forth is costing taxpayers huge money and nothing else is getting done. It’s time to end this charade and get to work.

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I wonder what the estimated total is so far in terms of what it has cost? Any idea?

Really isn’t costing much as thy either do this or go on vacation as thy have passed little usable legislation. The cost is for the defense attorneys.

Mueller fiasco cost 40 million right? So, what do think it had cost so far?

From lawyers fees to travel expenses — how much does it REALLY cost to impeach a U.S. President?

  • Donald Trump is the third president in American history to be impeached
  • Most impeachment costs are incurred by lawyers’ fees and support staff
  • It’s also necessary to take travel costs, expert fees and expenses into consideration
  • If the Trump impeachment process is similar to Clinton’s 1999 proceedings, it could cost more than $2 million

The Muller investigation as well as all other investigations each have a cost.

I think the cost of not getting any done as far as addressing meaningful legislation should also have value to it too. Just saying IMO.

If they actually produce meaningful legislation the would be a cost yet are we are with little to show for in the last year.

For decades, the Democrats have had an ideological lock on the judiciary. It has been their failsafe for policy when they are unable to pass desired legislation, promulgate burdensome regulations, or affect change with either a swipe of the President’s pen or by propaganda delivered through the media, the educational system, and Hollywood.

But that is changing with every constitutionalist judge appointed by trump.

Indeed it is changing and that is the one saving grace about Trump! What is a afterthought, and of course I am not much into conspiracy theory, but given the Democrats rabid foaming at the mouth obsession about judicial appointments as it became apparent in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, I still suspect Scalia’s death was murder!

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The impeachment of Trump, when it comes to evidence and due process, reminds me of a scene from the Old West. Yes, Sir, there is no evidence that you stole any horses, but we intend to prosecute you for resisting being hung for it.

Read that some time ago ad it applies here.