President Trump Acquitted by the Senate

Liberals everywhere are seething in absolute misery right now. President Trump has been completely acquitted of all bogus impeachment charges by the Senate.


Mitt “Pierre Delecto” Romney will go down in history as a traitor to the constitution and the state that sent him to the Senate. Let’s build the next wall around Utah.

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Now that the coup is finally over let’s see the Department of Justice roll out the indictments.


For something that happened exactly as expected, this is still deeply satisfying.

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The biggest loser of the 2016 election just couldn’t keep her mouth shut. I love witnessing this massive butthurt…every single time.

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There was never a doubt in my mind that President Trump would be acquitted from this Democrat fantasy. Time and time again the Democrats demonstrate to the American people that they are sore losers and can never accept the outcome of a free and fair election. With every passing day they’re contempt for the American people grows along with their willingness to lie and deceive to score political points with their base. Democrats have no interest in advancing America or improving the lives of everyday Americans. Anybody with their head screwed on somewhat straight can see that.

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I find it Cosmic, that while vote was going on Turner Classic Movies is showing The Greatest Story ever Told, after they arrested Jesus.


I want to see Mitt Romney expelled from the Republican Party immediately. He only appeals to lunatic Mormons. Dude couldn’t even beat shucking and jiving Obongo.

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Lets see how many Dems jump off the Washington Monument.
4 more Years!!!


I’m sure his future doesn’t look rosy as a Republican.

Voting for impeachment with all of the flawed and doctored “evidence” from the House speaks volumes to his character.

There is no denying that Trump has been great for America. I absolutely loved the SOTU.

Major, major error on his part.


Unfortunately, it is not over. The dimwitted Democrat Party will continue investigations of anything related to President Trump and will likely initiate impeachment proceedings again before he leave office in 2025.

What conservatives need to be must focused upon is preventing the Democrat Party from taking over the Senate.

Second to that, conservatives need to remove Democrat incumbents from the House of Representatives and replace them with Republicans.

Now that President Trump knows that his actions may lead to impeachment, he may be more careful.

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U.T.A.H. is an acronym anyway. Who needs it?

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Since they failed on impeachment, they may look to fcking up the Electoral College so their Lunatic base ( Left coast, NY, MA etc) will determine who the next president will be.

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They’ve got nothing and they’ve always had nothing. I can’t see how they think the American people would tolerate more pointless investigations that lead to nowhere.

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Quite correct. A much needed step in the right direction.

However, if anyone for any moment thinks that they are above being investigated or exposed is living in a glass house.

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Optics matter- what did we see in the Senate trial:
The defense team were sleek, well groomed, professional looking, and delivered detailed (especially Pam Bondi) explanations of why trump’s behavior was justified. The regular lawyers were fit, and articulate without overt drama. Pam Bondi was both beautiful and articulate.

The ‘House managers’ were unpleasant to weird looking, and their personalities matched. They were acerbic, overdramatic and shrill. Zoe Lofgren looked like Pelosi bought new clothes for a homeless wino; Schiff looked like Don Knotts, except creepy; No Nads looked like an avocado with a face, Jeffries, and the others had cameos for the diversity tic box…

At the SOTU last night Pelosi sought to humiliate the President by omitting “It is my high honor and privilege” from her intro. That led to no handshake, and then she threw a tantrum and tore up the speech- great optics- for Republicans.


Let’s try facts. Facts matter.

Facts: Quid pro quo.

Trump halted the WH meeting and aid for dirty optics on Biden.

All 23 witnesses confirm this, and plenty of documentary record thus far. Now it would mean a lot if more records were produced, and more witnesses allowed to go public. Republicans are obviously hiding them for a reason.

But yes…pat yourselves on the back for subverting the will of the people and destroying this country.

Nancy upstaged him last night. Romney upstaged him today.

William Barr is a cuck who isn’t worried about libraries being used to groom children openly, or hollywood pop music, or pedophile priests, or anywhere where there is actual homosexuals running around naked, openly, in public, in front of children… no it’s shitposters on the internet he worries about, and memes, and crypto decentralized finance and encrypted 3d printing files.