President Truman did not recognize "the new Jewish state" in Palestine in 1948

He crossed out by hand the words “■■■■■■■ and “state.”

He just recognized a new country. No more, no less.

This again? He recognized it exactly as it was written in the Israeli Declaration of Independence.

I’m sure this will be hard for you, but what does the first sentence say?


It looks like Truman was just correcting sloppy wording.

It’s easy and plain to everyone that the US government was merely “informed.”

And that a recognition has been requested by its “provisional” (This word also added by hand by Truman) government and NOT by a permanent government.

Truman, contrary to above request, recognizes this provisional government merely as the “State of Israel” and NOT as the ■■■■■■ state.

Truman is basically saying Israel is neither permanent nor ■■■■■■■

End of the story.

Complete bullshit.

He worded it so that it exactly used the same wording as the Israeli DOI.

Your fabrications are utterly unsupportable and ridiculous.

You’re the one making up stories.

Truman didn’t like the wording by ■■■■■
So he corrected it to say to ■■■■■
This crappy state of yours ain’t gonna be yours alone, and it won’t be permanent, either.

Your own document shows what I’m saying to be 100% true.

Interesting that your link mentions that in 1947 ■■■■■■ terrorism in Palestine was frustrating the British and they were seeking a hurried end to the British mandate to extract themselves from the problem…

Terrorism is a well-known ■■■■■■ tactic.

Menahem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel 1977 - 1983, was a Nazi sympathizer and later an Irgun terrorist in Palestine.

Yet another ridiculously unsupportable lie.