Here is what to look for in the coming weeks ahead of Nov 3rd.

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The dem cheating will be historic millions upon million of fraudulent votes . And like the attempted coup NOTHING will be done , the swamp lives on .


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS , Why aren’t they in prison ? FBI agents,the DNC, Hillary ,Comey , Page , Strzok , Joseph Pientka, Tashina Gauhar, John Carlin , David Laufman ,Mary McCord, George Toscas , Victoria Nuland, Jonathan Winer, Jonathan Finer, Elizabeth Dibble, Marc Elias, Robbie Mook , Cody Shearer , Sidney Blumenthal , Jim Clapper , Comey and Andrew McCabe at FBI, and former CIA director John Brennan . lied fabricated evidence lied to the FISA court plotted to take down a sitting President and NOTHING HAPPENED !!! Lets not forget Mueller . How did they go FREE ???

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Wait for it! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Waited 4 years and still NOTHING !!! YOU CAN’T BEAT THE SWAMP !

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If they are going to accuse us of being Nazis then I am all for assuming the part, cut out due process and start executing the mthfkers! Nothing like a good old public square hanging to remind everyone everything is temporary!

Another sign that democrats intend to intimidate voters at the polls on election day and night.

Holy crap! I can’t believe there are people in the Democratic party pushing for this Orwellian nonsense.

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I think Trump will win popular and electoral college.

Great post! I’m going to spread this.

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It amazes me how the debate commission is arbitrarily changing the debate rules. Trump should just skip the debate altogether! Who actually put them in charge when it comes to debates? Shouldn’t the “We the People” decide or have a voice in determining what topics are most important in the debates to be discussed?

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I think Biden will be Hiden. The laptop stuff is for real and extremely damaging.

I don’t see how the Dems will be able to push him forward now.

Yes. We the people should!

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I was just reading about it here in terms of the last minute changes that they are doing. I am totally disgusted by this, and Trump should opt out.


I think he should show and keep his cool.
idk after reading all that.
Why would they allow such a biased moderator and questions?
Doesn’t the commission have anything to say about it?

That is what I am questioning. The commission is corrupt and they shouldn’t be allowed to arbitrarily change what was originally agreed upon. Who does the debate commission answer to in terms of accountability???

Treason is not “free speech”

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