Positive things Trump is doing that the NWO socialist media doesn't mention!

BET Founder & first African-American billionaire Bob Johnson praises Trump’s executive order to rebuild low income neighborhoods!


Here is the video so you don’t have to get spammed by the “World Cloud Network”


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So much for the free market. Government building “low-income” neighborhoods is what made them low income in the first place. Cut the cord. Let them sink or swim. They are equal - after all - and should have no problem keeping up without the government building their neighborhoods for them.

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Sorry we spent far too much money in the hoods only to see more riots , looting , and massive property damage . How much have we spent in Baltimore ?



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For some time now I’ve been arguing that far from being proof of racism that conviction rates are actually proof that many black persons are simply tired of that **** and completely willing to vote to convict black defendants. I point to the apparent demand that juries sitting in judgment over a black defendant, at least in any serious matter, include black jurors or else they may risk technical legal challenges (and since it takes only one to prevent conviction…).

It would seem that the real problem that keeps terrorized black neighbors from turning against those who harm them are Leftist (any color), for it is those and the tag-alongs (again, any race) who are proverbially outside the courthouses demanding all these things that jurors inside are considering be rejected because of statistics etc.

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:rofl: Must be another dimension.

“…bought the book then returned it got my money back and then burned the money!”


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Meaning they are too fucked up to serve.
They would be good for decoy!

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Did you watch the video? Are you familiar with what Trump is proposing? I don’t see anything that resembles federal government giveaways???


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Presidential satire.

Good on Trump & the Appelate Court for upholding what Army Standards forbid from the get go—sexual deviancy.


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