Populism is Surging -- Elites are Lost by Jim Ferguson

Populists are sweeping the board in Europe. That’s the headline as results from the latest elections to the European Parliament are still rolling in. While EU officials have long pointed the finger at ‘populist Britain’ for ushering in Brexit and political chaos, the EU is now playing catch-up with an assortment of anti-establishment, anti-immigration, and anti-EU parties —as we predicted— scoring record gains.

National populists, remember, are unlike other types of parties in that they seek to prioritise the culture and interests of the majority against an elite they argue is corrupt, self-serving, and neglectful of ordinary people.

And now, as we predicted in the book National Populism, they’ve been propelled by voters, including many young voters, to entirely new heights —perhaps a harbinger of what’s to come at the 2024 UK and US elections, with Nigel Farage and Donald Trump now also polling stronger than their critics would like.

Many of Europe’s populists have just had a very good weekend while many Greens and liberal centrists have just had a terrible one. So much so, in fact, that in France the continued rise of Marine Le Pen has forced Emmanuel Macron to call a snap national election, which will climax between the UK election in early July and America’s presidential contest in November. It truly is a vintage year for election nerds. ~ Jim Ferguson



Belgium’s globalist PM was resoundingly defeated in the elections -just another example of citizens rejecting their WEF leftists agenda and moving to the right !

Canada will be next !!

BREAKING: Far-left radicals are rioting in Paris over the “far-right” landslide

Macron is going to be in power for another 3 years so I don’t understand why soy lefties are having a cry. If they are not willing to engage their adversaries on why their policies should be more acceptable than their counterparts then they only have themselves to blame for losing elections. Progressives thought they could keep strong arming to rule over the rest of us without resistance. Silly


He may be forced to resign if the snap election he has hastily called proves to be another disaster.

Fingers crossed for Le Pen.

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Never underestimate the ignorance of the masses, for they always vote for the one who promises the most but delivers nothing. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You don’t have to idolize any politician. Hillary Clinton got a lot of votes from women because they idolize Hillary. Same for Obama from blacks. It never works.

I was in a taxi in Vladivostock and in a conversation with the driver, I asked him what he thought of Vladimir Putin.

He said he didn’t like Putin at all, but his politics and policies were good for Russia.

That’s the way politicians have to be elected or rejected.

A lot of people voting for Trump are holding their collective noses for the same reasons.

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