Populism is Not a Threat to Democracy

At the debate Union at Oxford, I am betting Nancy who drank too many Vodka tonics mixed in with a stool softener is regretting her decision to stroll in for a visit, decided to chirp in with a shallow retort only to get spanked in the end; along with members of the Davos WEF, every Elitistists who we loath as well the progressive left.

It was good to see this type of forum get some exposure for a change where open debate of ideas has been sorely missing in the landscape of progressive totalitarianism known as wokeness on modern day campus’s and in Western culture in general.

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Nancy that shrivelled prune titty blob and her pedo lizard accomplices, hate the idea of democracy and the will of the people, it threatens their very nature of existence! Theirs is as dark and evil as it ever was! Grotesque!


She is already 85 years old, how much time does she have before her rapid decline starts taking effect?

Plato said it too.
Democracy is the lowest form of government.

We don’t have a democracy. You know that.

Yes. They pretend there is democracy, because mostly people think democracy is the best thing there is.

If you combine dumbing down and mainstream lies, democracy is the most dangerous form of government.

I agree but, we don’t have a Democracy. We have a Republic. I know it’s in vouge to equate them as the same thing but, they are not the same thing. You know that.

“A Republic, if you can keep it” (Benjamin Franklin) If you can keep it… seems unlikely at this point.

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I see your point.
The US is supposed to be a republic but it no longer is. The US should not even strive for democracy, but that goes against the grain of modern day ideology (fake religion) which says democracy is the best form of government.

The US Constitution is not a “democratic” document.

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Its more appropriately and accurately described as a “Constitutional Republic.” A “Republic” is more in line with what Rome had in place. The US is modeled after Rome in many ways, the only difference was there was no Bill of Rights for the people during the Roman empire.

Then there was Athens where many refer to it as the birthplace of Democracy. Whether that is true or not is subject to debate.


I don’t know Greek, but “democracy” comes from words:
demos = mob
cracy = rule

That’s right. Mob rule. How can it be a good form of government?

I think the constitutional republic was corrupted by Lincoln’s of/by/for the people. Lincoln’s face should not be on Mt Rushmore.

It was Thomas Jefferson who said it


Nancy is so much the face of the elite that when she got spanked the video went viral.