Pope: Mohammedans Who Murder Christians “Part of God’s Plan”

“The lives of 19 religious men and women martyred during the Algerian civil war are a testament to God’s plan of love and peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims, Pope Francis said.”

A more serious analyst would note that they were, after all, murdered, so they might not be that great a testimony to peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims. But this is the Pope who has said that “Muslim terrorism does not exist.” So he affirms that “by beatifying our 19 brothers and sisters, the church wishes to bear witness to her desire to continue to work for dialogue, harmony and friendship,” ignoring the fact that the murder of these people drowned their desire for “dialogue, harmony and friendship” in their own blood. There may be some room for dialogue, but only if it is informed and realistic, not based on wishful thinking and willful ignorance.


“The lives of 19 religious men and women martyred during the Algerian civil war are a testament to God’s plan of love and peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims, Pope Francis said.”

That is some very twisted logic.

Murder is not an act of love and when there are murders in your midst there is anything but peaceful coexistence.

I cannot fathom why a man who is a Christian would not be outraged by the murder of fellow Christians. Why would the Pope support Muslims who murder Christians? That makes no sense.

Is the man daft?

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The Libtards, virtue signallers and snowflakes have breached the Catholic Church

Perhaps God’s plan is to live out every possible mortal life as a conscious observer behind the bio-chemical process, regardless of what we perceive as right or wrong.

Perhaps a lonely omnipotent being can only find companionship in imperfection.


That’s how he got to the top of the heap!

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This Pope seems INSANE.


Snowflakery is contagious :wink:

As a sign of good faith, the Pope should open the Vatican & allow Muslim refugees to settle there. More than enough room for hundreds of settlers. Maybe throw in a Mosque or two. OK your Holiness, balls in your court.


That would desecrate the Vatican and erode the sovereignty that Mussolini gave them (a fact they don’t mention much - pesky fascist dictator).


The entire Catholic church has been hijacked by leftists. It used to be a conservative Christian denomination. It still is at it’s core. This pope needs to be ex-communicated from the church.


Did this guy get to be Pope without learning about the Crusades? What a turncoat.

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I think you are correct. I am not Catholic but, good grief! The man has lost his marbles.

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The Pope is a dope.

Full TULIP Calvinist here.

Has he been at the crack pipe ? Another one on the payroll to spew out the spiel.

Gotta mind the translation from American English to English. Two nations separated by a common language.

I could have equally said: Idiot, Socialist, Dumbass…

It’s funny you say that but I have always known a dope to be an idiot etc but I have heard it hijacked now and in circles like rappers and shit like that “Dope” appears to mean to them, cool. They have also done it with the word “sick” that no longer means ill in their world it means cool/awesome too. They are bonkers !!


No, the Pope is part of the Bilderberg group.


The Pope also compares Trump to Hitler.

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And what was the message he delivered… “When you get round the table, don’t forget my cut, sorry I couldn’t make it”.

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I’ll stick with my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have little or no time for organized religion. Far too much mortal input. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Almost forgot, Christ’s first miracle. ALCOHOL . I like to spring that on members of ( so called ) Christian religions - sects, that forbid drinking, but believe in Christ. Heh

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