Pope Francis is a globalist and a communist...and a hypocrite!

The Pope, safe in his private Vatican City, surrounded by walls and hot-to-trot homosexual Cardinals, says we should abandon our sovereignty and national pride and accept migrants just because they want to come into our countries and live.

Screw the Pope!

When this arrogant, pompous man welcomes and accepts migrants to come and live in Vatican City and either have jobs paying living wages…or receive all of their food, clothing, housing costs, cellphones, internet access, medical care and other needs from the church, I might listen to something else he has to say. Otherwise, he can kiss MY “ring”.


He is just an irrelevant little man trying very hard to be relevant in a corrupt and dying religion. Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain :wink:

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This is what happens when the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH decides to oust a conservative pope and put in a socialist from Latin America. The critics within the church are beginning to organize an opposition. Hopefully he won’t be in the seat much longer.


They recently called him a heretic in an open letter that they put their names to. Time to go back to the ways of the church before Vatican II.

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Pope Francis is truly the Anti Christ in disguise…


The pope can’t get unseated by anyone and can’t be judged by anyone in the church since God is essentially his first line supervisor. The only way he vacates the seat is if he decides to or gets pressured to.

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